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Since I started this website I have wanted a logo. It has been a hard thing to get even with very talented graphic designers as friends. I am not sure if it is because I want to incorporate too much into it, or just because logo creation is a very specific art that not everyone on the graphics business can do. I think incorporating the name Logtar with either the primary colors or just brown and blue and some kind of pre-colombian design should not be that difficult, but I cannot do it.

Lucky for me David Airey, an Irish designer who aims to create the best logos on the net is going to give some away on his logo design contest.

That is not the only thing that is being given away here though. Even though the prize that I would want is a logo design I would not mind having a custom theme design by Nate Whitehill, $60 dollars from Amazon sponsored by Darren Rowse, a Blog review and email interview published on Phil Gerbyshak site, or a very cool looking 2GB USB storage key sponsored by Terinea Weblog.

If I do end up winning one of the big prizes, I will give away the other things that I am not interested on. Overall is a great contest that I find very worthy of participating. All of the sites involved are full of great information for bloggers. Having a great looking blog is not just for those wanting to make money, but giving your audience the best presentation of the content that you give.

3 comments on “My Own Logo

  1. Considering the nature of your blog and recent interest in coloring, you should probably just make your own. It’ll be more personal. Bust out that set of Crayolas and go to town, man!

  2. Good luck:) I wonder if any of your readers could create one for you? I had one for my old site that someone just offered up when I mentioned it.

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