Quick Hits

- One of my best friends from High School back in Colombia Found me on Facebook. Loving the Web 2.0.
– I have a doctor and a chiropractor now, visited them both today.
– I will become my nephew`s Godfather some time in November or December, my sister still does not know when.
– My first work trip since my new job is to Vegas, and it potentially includes a mini vacation with the wife.
– The Soccer League starts this Sunday, and I am playing for the KC United.
– Our fantasy league includes a team called the Sprinkle Donuts.
– Having Brees as your fantasy QB looked good for about a quarter.
– Zelda for the Wii is a beautiful game, but most importantly fun.
– Playing CS:S is still fun even though maturity level is still low amongst its players.
– I cannot have enough of my wife`s yummy cooking, even though the doctor told me, No Rice For YOU!
Stepmania is surprisingly addicting.
– I am ready for the weekend.

5 Responses to Quick Hits

  1. I don’t know what the problem with rice is. To be honest, she could’ve told you to stay away from potatoes. You see… If I would’ve made rice for dinner, it would’ve been healthier. Why? Rice is just rice and water. Those potatoes had mayo, salt, pepper and sausage. Oh wait, I’m rambling… Heh. We’ll take care of your diet. Library tomorrow. :-)

    VEGAS, BABY! ;-)

  2. I know people in Vegas. They are all perfectly adjusted citizens, so I don’t know.

    So, no rice for you? why why why o why? GEt better, dude!

  3. When are you going to Vegas?

  4. I know it is not rice, its carbs… but rice is probably my most loved carb.

  5. Rice is an awesome carb. Followed closely by most noodles and pastas.

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