Why Game Magazines Hate The Wii.

The more I read video game magazines, the more I want to cancel all my subscriptions. My letter to the editor went unnoticed, or maybe just purposely ignored. I am not a great writer and not even close to a professional journalist, but a I don’t make my life that way. However I have finally figured out why game magazines are trashing the Wii so much.

I was reading Game Informer when I encountered their review of Mario Strikers Charged. I did not look for it, I was just browsing the latest magazine and thought, hey I already played this game, lets see what they say. The more I read, the more I felt like this was not a fair review. Mario Strikers is such a fun game that both my wife and one of my friend’s wife wanted to kill us after a straight week of non stop playing. The online game play was smooth and easy to access, the action was fast paced and the controls right on point. The music, the graphics and replay had Nintendo written all over in a good way. So why did Game Informer hate it so much? simply because they hate the Wii.

The president of Nintendo of America said in E3 2007 that “This is an exciting time, the Wii is putting video games right along with music and movies as a form of entertainment for everyone.” While this is a bold statement, he does have something to back him up. The Wii is being embraced by gamers and non gamers alike. Woman and later age demographics are jumping at the Wii. Heck, my Mom, someone who raised a video game addict never wanted to pick up a controller before now wants a Wii.

So why do game magazines hate this? simple, they are not going to be very relevant anymore. Their readership will decrease as time goes on because of who they write for. My letter to the editor talked about how they had no right to say that games should be made for gamers only. Now I understand that pretty soon their lack of writing skills and depth will make them dinosaurs faster than news papers on the printed media world.

Game magazine writers try to be sarcastic and witty. Because of that I have always excused poor writing and lack of depth on not just their reviews but their articles. I have even at times felt that it would be cool to be part of their staff reviewing video games, but now I know that I did not miss much.

Martha Stewart and Jessica Alba are both Wii fans and have been open about talking about the awesome console. Maxim magazine and Rolling Stone have been writing good video game articles for a while now. Why buy a magazine that is at least not up front about what they are pushing by calling themselves a multi platform magazine. At least Nintendo Power is upfront about pushing just the stuff from one company. While the game magazines are trying to retain an audience of hardcore gamers that are more interested in reading things online than in printed media, other magazines are going to pick up the influx of new readers trying to find out about what the Wii has to offer.

I might be completely wrong, but before the end of the year the Wii is going to dominate the gaming market like the DS is already doing to the hand held. It is not all about pretty graphics, its about great game play and Nintendo became the innovator and took the step toward fun instead of being stuck on pixel pushing land which its already dominated by the PC. I cannot wait for Unreal Tournament 2k7 to come out and make Halo 3 as irrelevant as video game magazines are becoming at least for me.

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    There are reviewers that actually believe that the most important aspect of a video game is its artistic feel. That a game should be viewed more as a work of art than to be fun and exciting. Nintendo does not believe this philosophy. Nintendo games are fun. That is why they continue to outsell the other systems and continue to make a profit where others are failing. There are so many haters and fanboys out there today. Everybody forgets that Nintendo saved the industry back in the 80s. What they don’t realize is that Nintendo is saving the industry again today.

  2. Musashi said “the purpose of a sword is to cut.” I say “the purpose of a game is to be played.” I’ve had great fun with my new Zelda game, Wii Sports, and Wii Play. Breaking out of the button-mashing mold that Nintendo firmly established back with the NES has been a great public service. I hope the people at Sony and Microsoft have the wisdom to follow suit with their next generation of consoles.

    The Wii isn’t up to snuff one some of its technical merits, but it excels at fun. We don’t play games for technical merit. We play games for fun.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love the fact that I don’t have to button mash anymore. Even after a few hours of playing, my fingers and thumbs aren’t numb.

  4. I have had my Wii, and I also now own a PS3. I love my Wii, it is something my daughter and I can both play. But the online aspect, although improving, is lacking a bit. Bit otherwise, Nintendo did right by this console. The price point and game selection are good. Mario Galaxy is innovative and Zelda is just fun.

    My PS3, is geared for my more adult and combat oriented games. Plus, well the visuals are just freaking awesome. But SM Galaxy is very easy on the eyes and uses the system abilities very nicely.

    Fanboy opinions don’t count in my point of view. You want to judge how well a system works, ask a person who has never been a gamer, most that have picked up a Wii remote, will tell you a Wii is fun. Learning curve is low, getting up and actually interacting (Like in the Madden football seires, you actually perform motions to hike and throw the ball), speaks volumes.

    I agree with you Logtar, the see a potential shift. This is something bithe Sony and MS can do with the current systems. Build a different controller that can do some of the same types of thing Nintendo does.

    Plus knock a $100 to make the price competitive. But that is another story.

    Good post!

  5. what nintendo did was remodel failed gamecube, but in a giimick controller and fool you all that you’re enjoying video games. wii (wee) does not deserve to be called a videogame console at all. loath the system

  6. @ihatewii, the thing is, nintendo has always appealed to a larger audience than for a longer time than Xbox or Playstation. In fact, the Xbox was made in 2001, the playstation was made in 1994, the nintendo was made in 1985, the Super Nintendo was made in 1990, and the nintendo 64 was made in 1996.

    Note that most people own either an earlier nintendo console, a PS2, a Wii, or (if they have the money for the internet and live) an Xbox 360. Yes the gamecube lacked online services, but nintendo is about socializing with friends and family.

    by the way, an Xbox 360 is just a poor PC, the PS3 is an Xbox 360 on steroids. the Wii is a CONSOLE not a numbed down PC.

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