Wizard Lv 75 Geek +5

I attempted to play D&D once with Aaron, but coming up with a character took too long that by the time we were going to start playing we were all too drunk, come to think of it we were already drunk when we started LOL. He is the only DM I know personally and I have always made fun of the whole D&D crowd thinking I am a Computer Nerd with coolness +5 because I know how to drag knee on a motorcycle and can accidentally wheelie, danger + 10 I can probably enter a TKD tourney and with a couple of months training do fairly good.

Daniel’s visit has sparked my curiosity for role playing games. He plays with a group of his friends and I find it very cool, he even has his own geek bag. I am not a jealous person, but I really think it would be cool to either start a group or get into one. It would be nice to tell Daniel to bring his geek bag so we can get our RPG on. Then Filegirl posted about Rodney playing with his friends, while kind of trashing geeks and their possessive girlfriends*, and she kind of made me start looking for a local group of nerds to play with or create my own.

I have a group of local anime geeks with who we meet regularly to watch anime and just chat. Some of them have become friends and we hang out whenever we get a chance. Most of them are female and they do have an RPG game going, but they are all girls and I am not about to create a Vampire in Drag to play with them (kind of exaggerating.) They have their own group and I am sure they would welcome me, but its more of a girls lusting over cute boys kind of thing.

I kind of wish I could game with the group Daniel does. They sometimes use a Firefly inspired game, which I think would be awesome to play, but I think it is mostly because I have fun talking to Daniel and hanging out would be cool. I used to play poker with my college buddies after we graduated but it went from two times a month to two times every month to not happening at all. I do enjoy poker, but I think RPG’s would be more fun… I am a programmer so calculations and logic are always being stimulated, the fantasy part not so much unless I am reading.

So here is my cry for local geeks to start (or let me join) an RPG group. Maybe it is time to go check out meet up dot com.

* Maybe I should check with the wife before going on the quest! LOL

The Face Behind The Blog

Michael, who is a huge meme procrastinator tagged me with this very interesting meme called The face behind the blog.

“One picture is worth 10,000 words”.
– Chinese proverb

Putting a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations. I have always loved how Oso has all his links dressed with pictures of his “friends and enemies.” I hope I am counted as a friend, LOL.

Here’s the “rules.”

1. Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog. If you already show a photo somewhere on your site, then make your post more interesting by choosing a photo that’s not currently online.

2. Include links to other people who have displayed a photo.

I will put people here that have followed me to keep the chain going… so make sure to let me know so I can put your links here.

3. Link back to the original post.

4. Tag as many others as you like.

I will tag – Bea – Daniel – Barb – Kamylo – Mike.

So, here we go!

I will thumbnail the pictures here, but to see them on their full glory you have to be one of our friends in Flickr!


This is Bea’s and I first NFL football game together. It was an awesome time full of Friends, Beers, Peanuts and just overall fun. This is my new favorite picture.

I'm Bad
This is a picture of me when I recently shaved all of my facial hair, I had been wearing a mustache and at time goatee for years. It was a nice change, it felt really good.

Easier said than done

Life cannot be planned, we never know what every day will bring. However, there is nothing wrong with having a plan. We fall into the trap of having too many thoughts that go said and never done. “I`m going to keep a food journal, I`m going to start reading another series after Harry Potter, I am going to take more pictures” those are all plans and ideas that I have had lately but have not happened. I think that is where lists come in.

I am not the best list keeper in the world, but I use them to prioritize things. At work I keep my tasks in a white board until they are completed, in life I kind of keep them in my head but writing them out def helps.

From experience, 5 short term goals and 5 long term goals are always good to have. It is a nice number to manage and remember. Maybe a meme for this would help, like maybe every Sunday writting out the 5 goals for the following week. I am curious as to how you guys make goals, keep them, write them out, etc. What do you do?