`nother Friday Feast

I think I beat Daniel today!

Say there’s a book written about your life. Who would you want to narrate the audio version?
Def StrongBad.

Take the letters from your favorite kind of nut and write a sentence. (Example: Perhaps every avenue needs understanding today.)
Being rarely amazed zero inanimet liliputians imposibly arrived narnia

If you could go back in time and spend one week in another decade, which decade would you choose?
Of the 1900`s probably the 60s… but would much rather go back to the medieval times.

Main Course
Name a song that brings back memories for you.
Have something way better here.

Do you prefer to wash your hands in cold water or warm water?
Warm, somehow it makes them feel cleaner, like all the soap is off.

Coloring and Drawing

I have started coloring again. Bea used to do mandalas and she bought a set of coloring pencils to start doing them again, but after a week of a lot of work and my brain being fried, I picked up the pencils and started to doodle. I actually ended up doing a little abstract piece for her, and I am working on another one.

I was watching a special on the Blue Man Group, who I might go see again soon since they are coming to KC. The creators of the rock play said so much that I have a couple of other posts already on the way. One of the things that really struck a chord with me was that, as adults we don’t paint anymore. He said, as kids everyone paints, but when we grow up we lose it.

I used to be pretty good at sketching when I was younger. I let that go and I have only doodle during meetings to keep my mind going. I think I have drawn a couple of times over the years but it is not something that is a part of my life anymore and I miss the outlet. The blog was my first artistic outlet in year, but slowly I am finding that expressing myself via art makes my brain content.

So I challenge you to pick up a pack of coloring pencils next time you are at the store, and just doodle like you were a kid :) you will be surprised how therapeutic it is.

Boondock Saints Shirt

Last week I received my Boondock Saints Shirt from the official website. The people there are very nice and sent me a shirt because I am directing traffic there. For a while there was not a good website for the movie and my site still gets tons of hits from the info I have posted. The store has a lot of products that are priced very well and look awesome. The shirt is of very good quality and the one I chose is actually on sale now, so go get your Boondock Saints Shirt! Let them know I sent you maybe I will get a free Rosary :).

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Too Much to Write about

Most of the time a blog slows down when the writer thinks that what they are writing is either not relative to them or to their readership. I write for me even thought comments make me very happy. Conversation is the key that unlocks the potential of a blog. However I am facing a problem. I have too much to write about.

Writing directly about work is out of the question, but it would be a nice outlet when I have something to talk about. I have several subjects that I want to develop on that arena and specially how important it is to have a job you love. I also want to write more about tech stuff, programming and video games, but I would hate to alienate people with how Delphi is still a good language to write on. The topic that is calling me the most, even above culture which is my favorite to discuss is life improvement.

The problem with talking about life improvement is that I need time to develop ideas and subjects. They take time to flesh out and my primary job is not being a writer. I really want to have time to write but I feel that when I do have time free I need to go and read my friends blogs. I hope to start fleshing some of those topics out soon… and I also welcome any suggestions on what topics you like and have enjoyed. Tell me how your blog has changed, is it changing or is it going to change? What do you enjoy writing about the most?

16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 Happy Challenge

What makes me happy!

16 – Working with friends rather than coworkers.

17 – People loving my cooking, even just the beef quesadillas.

18 – Having a short drive to work… commute under 5 minutes is a huge blessing.

19 – Eating chicken off the bone :)

20 – Soccer, futbol makes me happy… and I should be playing soon not just watching.