New Logtar Sponsored Meme

My last photo meme (the handwriting meme) was pretty successful, the Flickr group has over 1300 members, and many others have just done the meme on their own blogs.

After posting about coloring, I thought it would be a good idea to give others a little push to start coloring by making them take pictures of their artwork. This is not about artists displaying their art, but just normal people going back to their childhood and drawing and coloring. I think this will be a great thing. So go buy some coloring stuff or borrow some from your nearest child and doodle! More details to come soon.

5 comments on “New Logtar Sponsored Meme

  1. LOL seriously spurious

    glad to see you still around! :)

    Rob really likes Flickr – but im not so sure i do yet?

  2. Thats kind of an interesting Meme aka prospect! No promises or guarantees.., but I’d like to do that. Only trouble is, I’ll have to roll some kid in the park and that could turn out really bad. Rather than risk jail for robbing a kid of his crayolas – I guess I have buy some IF I don’t forget. The advancing years are taking their toll on the old memory banks. Feel free to give me a nudge or reminder.

  3. LOVE the creativity going on here! These are the kinds of meme’s I would LOVE to take part in! Very cool!

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