Vick Pleads Guilty

Dog fighting is a cruel practise, and Michael Vick might lose 150 million for his association with it. I am not sure how much he is worth or if he will go to jail for 5 years and get a lifetime ban by the NFL. I am not sure if he really thought he was untouchable because of money or being an NFL star or because O.J. got away.

I don’t see the life of an NFL player as a privilege, they get beat every single Sunday with the possibility of losing a limb or brain function int he future. People talk about how much money they make, but how much would you want for your legs? How much would you want for your body to be abused every Sunday?

I am sure that Vick is not the only player involved in some illegal activity. Money tends to corrupt people or attract the bad element into your life. I don`t know if Vick got into the dog fighting world thanks to a friend, or if he was the big time player the media wants him to be.

The other issue is that with dog fighting comes gambling which is also a very serious problem for any professional sports star. This week I saw a report on dog fighting that said that it is something that is not going away any time soon specially in the south. If they get a dog that does not have killer instinct and might not fight to the death, it is killed by them. It really saddens me that not only do these people breed dogs for fighting, but they steal household pets to teach their dogs to kill. It rips my heart out to think that any dog that is taken away from these monsters is going to be put down. Those dogs are at that point considered a threat to society by the law.

I have argued with people that pit bulls are a dangerous breed because of what they have been breed to do. Like a retriever has been breed to have sharp vision and sense of smell to retrieve game while hunting, pit bulls have been breed to be aggressive to other animals. I know that many people will be against my view, specially those close to a pit bull, but I don’t think these dogs are safe. I think these dogs are victims of humans that have turned them into dogs that kill instinctively.

I don`t feel bad for Vick if he goes to jail for something so brutal, but I do feel bad for all the dogs that don’t even have a chance to live a happy life.

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  1. Well, here’s the thing that disturbs me about this whole situation.

    Vick is accused of being involved in dog fighting and it is a horrible, deplorable thing. But would he have been better pereceived in the public eye if he’d kill another person or hit a woman?

    Probably so…you wouldn’t see this whirl of coverage and condemnation you see from lots of various people like….oh let’s say PETA.

    Sorry, but while animals are a great thing, we have elevated them in value above humans…and that is just sad.

  2. Michael,

    Your comment kind of surprises me a bit. Animals are not at the level of human, but the moment we chose to have pets and remove them from their natural habitat and turn them into companions they became our responsibility.

    I do not believe animals are just property but living things that deserve care and respect. I know in other countries this is not the view, but in this society because of the level of companionship they have reached they are in many levels members of some families.

    Cruelty towards any animal should be punished and it is by law. What Vick was doing was not just hurting or shooting one dog but brutalizing many, who knows even hundreds over the course of time. He was also gambling and condoning the practice. I think it more serious than just hurting an animal and I do not believe we are bringing them to a human level. He will get 5 years in jail, is not like he is going away for life.

  3. Michael – I’ve heard that view expressed on various sports call-in shows in the last couple of weeks and it really puzzles me. How can one seriously wonder if Vick (or anyone) would be better perceived if he’d killed a person rather than killing a dog, or multiple dogs.

    I think it’s heinous that Vick killed, or watched kill, or participated in the killing/fighting/maiming of dogs. and facilitated their fighting for gambling. I think the punishment he’s up for is just about right for the severity of the crime he’s committed. But I don’t for the life of me think that that the level of coverage given this case would’ve been anywhere near what it would be if he’d killed one person. Vick could’ve lined up 50 dogs in his backyard and mowed them all down with machine guns and it wouldn’t be as bad as murdering one person.

    We all think of OJ getting off, and how he was portrayed in the media – both pro and con. There was a lot of racial divide in his case, and his celebrity and wealth contributed to the circus that his trial became. But if you remember all that spread out over several years, from the day of the big Bronco chase to the end of the last civil trial, even through the almost-publishing of his “book”. All this Michael Vick situation has happened in a shorter amount of time, with a much less-celebrated sports star, who’s much younger and still thought of as a bit of a punk. Especially in light of the trouble his younger brother’s run into.

    No, if Vick had killed a person, or even shot a person, his goose would be cooked. The dogfighting angle is just more interesting because the public hasn’t seen a story like this on a national scale before. It has nothing to do with the level of importance of dog vs man.

  4. For me the reason for all the hoopla is this: He is a multi-million dollar star NFL player.

    As such, he is someone that is idolized by children of all ages. I for one don’t want my child thinking that since their role model did it, they should too.

    It’s one thing to put a fatally injured dog out of its misery (ie: take a dog hit by a car to a vet). It’s far different thing to not only be accused of allegedly helping cause that fatal wound, but also to allegedly be the one to dispose of those injured animals in what appears to be a very barbaric, cruel and needlessly inappropriate way.

  5. Well, let’s step back and look at some things here.

    I agree that we, as humans, have a responsibility to care for the animals. That is clearly spelled out in the Bible and God gave us dominion over them. I do also agree this doesn’t give us the right to train them to fight and kill each other and then to kill them should they not such a thing or perform for our amusement. I think dog fighting is a despicable crime and those who participate in it should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    Now, to take a step out….

    I guess I am seeing parallels between this situation and other NFL incidents. When Ray Lewis was accussed of murder, everyone was outraged but still took a wait and see what happens type of attitude. It was later reported that Ray Lewis hadn’t killed anyone, but his choice of friends…not so good. Then we have Vick who is accused of dog fighting and there are certain groups who are suddenly very upset about it. He needs to be banned immediately, if not sooner. It’s the same group that advocates banning Michael Vick but yet won’t adopt the dogs in question when that time comes….so are they just looking for a headline? You do the math.

    Anyway, I agree that what Vick did was deplorable. As was Leonoard Little’s killing a woman while driving drunk. And there are TONS of other examples out there…but yet, these are treated as less severe by some who seem to have elevated animal life above human life. All life is sacred, valuable and precious…but sometimes I think we need to re-examine our priorities.

  6. Michael,

    I think you are misunderstanding people’s views on the subject. Animal advocates feel the need to speak up for animals because they do not have a voice. I am sure that some of the media circus has to do with sensationalism and trying to push agendas, but no one is saying that the life of a human is bellow an animal.

    I think the media has gotten to you and has made a point out of thin air. Maybe we do need activists against murder, but I thought that is what our Police and Judicial system are for.

    As far as public outcry, I think it has to do more with Vick’s attitude of “I did not do it” at first and now saying, “I did it.” Its more like I did not get away with it. Gambling also is something that the NFL has to be very careful with… or their whole organization can be in trouble.

  7. Personally I think anyone that would hurt an animal would probably do worse to a human in the long run. I’m going to toss out my usual choice words here…

    The more people I meet the more I like animals.

  8. Was there ever any reason to believe that Vick might not be guilty? If people were quick to decide that he did it, I think it has more to do with that than anything. I remember the evidence coming to light pretty quickly. Another thing is that this wasn’t just an NFL star, this was Michael Vick. I don’t know who Leonard Little is. I vaguely knew who Lewis was before that big flap. I darn well knew who Michael Vick was long before this came up. Quarterbacks (and running backs and receivers) always get the most attention, for better and worse, and Vick was a big-time QB. I’m with Barry, if he had killed a man it would be a much, much bigger story.

  9. I wonder how our reaction is affected by those of us that have pets of our own vs. those that don’t? They really do become your family and the thought of what these people do to the poor animals is atrocious.

    I think the media attention is strictly based around the fact that he’s a celebrity, but the fact is that he did commit a crime and he chose to become a sports celebrity and I have no sympathy for all the attention he’s getting.

    And I do think the attention would be even worse if he’d done anything similar to a human.

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