Coloring and Drawing

I have started coloring again. Bea used to do mandalas and she bought a set of coloring pencils to start doing them again, but after a week of a lot of work and my brain being fried, I picked up the pencils and started to doodle. I actually ended up doing a little abstract piece for her, and I am working on another one.

I was watching a special on the Blue Man Group, who I might go see again soon since they are coming to KC. The creators of the rock play said so much that I have a couple of other posts already on the way. One of the things that really struck a chord with me was that, as adults we don’t paint anymore. He said, as kids everyone paints, but when we grow up we lose it.

I used to be pretty good at sketching when I was younger. I let that go and I have only doodle during meetings to keep my mind going. I think I have drawn a couple of times over the years but it is not something that is a part of my life anymore and I miss the outlet. The blog was my first artistic outlet in year, but slowly I am finding that expressing myself via art makes my brain content.

So I challenge you to pick up a pack of coloring pencils next time you are at the store, and just doodle like you were a kid :) you will be surprised how therapeutic it is.

2 Responses to Coloring and Drawing

  1. Can you post a picture of your artwork?

  2. It is linked now :)

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