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Last week I received my Boondock Saints Shirt from the official website. The people there are very nice and sent me a shirt because I am directing traffic there. For a while there was not a good website for the movie and my site still gets tons of hits from the info I have posted. The store has a lot of products that are priced very well and look awesome. The shirt is of very good quality and the one I chose is actually on sale now, so go get your Boondock Saints Shirt! Let them know I sent you maybe I will get a free Rosary :).

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  1. I saw Boondock Saints for the first time this summer. My fiance wanted to rent it because he heard it was a “classic”. It definitely held our interest, but it was such an unusual movie. A film where Willem Dafoe is the GOOD guy? How can this be!?

  2. Not to get too overcomplicated on the movie, but his character is actually the villain (because he is good)… I mean the movie centers around the Catholic faith and he is gay, therefore he is going to hell while the brothers are going to heaven… hrm… this might make a good post.

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