Too Much to Write about

Most of the time a blog slows down when the writer thinks that what they are writing is either not relative to them or to their readership. I write for me even thought comments make me very happy. Conversation is the key that unlocks the potential of a blog. However I am facing a problem. I have too much to write about.

Writing directly about work is out of the question, but it would be a nice outlet when I have something to talk about. I have several subjects that I want to develop on that arena and specially how important it is to have a job you love. I also want to write more about tech stuff, programming and video games, but I would hate to alienate people with how Delphi is still a good language to write on. The topic that is calling me the most, even above culture which is my favorite to discuss is life improvement.

The problem with talking about life improvement is that I need time to develop ideas and subjects. They take time to flesh out and my primary job is not being a writer. I really want to have time to write but I feel that when I do have time free I need to go and read my friends blogs. I hope to start fleshing some of those topics out soon… and I also welcome any suggestions on what topics you like and have enjoyed. Tell me how your blog has changed, is it changing or is it going to change? What do you enjoy writing about the most?

5 comments on “Too Much to Write about

  1. The reason people read blogs is because of the content: if the content is not worth the time to read, then people will stop reading.

    I, personally, rather enjoy blogs that may not update every day. Or even every couple of days. Because that typically means when they do post something new, there will be substance and thought to it. (though that’s in no way to discredit those who post much more frequently…)

  2. I enjoy when whatever I write turns out to be like a newspaper column. A cogent, coherent thought that both reflects my own life but also a truth about society in general. When something I feel is well-written and fairly literary, that’s what I enjoy writing most. But those are few and far between, and usually just happen rather than me intending to sit down and write a “column”.

    But then I also enjoy quick hits – short posts that are funny and sarcastic, that hopefully make someone out there laugh.

    My blog hasn’t changed much in style or focus from when I started. But then, neither have I really.

    I don’t write for myself, I write for others. Why write for myself? I already know what I’m thinking. I want to entertain or enlighten others, and via comments and feedback, have then entertain and enlighten me.

  3. If you want to switch gears with respect to blogging topics, you could just start a If you don’t think you’ll have enough separate content there, maybe just have separate RSS feeds for this blog. One feed can be for everything, other feeds for different topics so readers can pick and choose.

    I’m starting a blog just for my weather-related topics on a different site ( I’m planning for those articles to be very specific to that subject matter. It will be interesting to see if anyone is actually interested in that topic. :-)

  4. I realize I’ve been posting more and with more meaning on my LiveJournal. Probably because I can filter the audience, and I feel I don’t have to censor myself.

    And no, LJ isn’t a clique. 😉

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