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I attempted to play D&D once with Aaron, but coming up with a character took too long that by the time we were going to start playing we were all too drunk, come to think of it we were already drunk when we started LOL. He is the only DM I know personally and I have always made fun of the whole D&D crowd thinking I am a Computer Nerd with coolness +5 because I know how to drag knee on a motorcycle and can accidentally wheelie, danger + 10 I can probably enter a TKD tourney and with a couple of months training do fairly good.

Daniel’s visit has sparked my curiosity for role playing games. He plays with a group of his friends and I find it very cool, he even has his own geek bag. I am not a jealous person, but I really think it would be cool to either start a group or get into one. It would be nice to tell Daniel to bring his geek bag so we can get our RPG on. Then Filegirl posted about Rodney playing with his friends, while kind of trashing geeks and their possessive girlfriends*, and she kind of made me start looking for a local group of nerds to play with or create my own.

I have a group of local anime geeks with who we meet regularly to watch anime and just chat. Some of them have become friends and we hang out whenever we get a chance. Most of them are female and they do have an RPG game going, but they are all girls and I am not about to create a Vampire in Drag to play with them (kind of exaggerating.) They have their own group and I am sure they would welcome me, but its more of a girls lusting over cute boys kind of thing.

I kind of wish I could game with the group Daniel does. They sometimes use a Firefly inspired game, which I think would be awesome to play, but I think it is mostly because I have fun talking to Daniel and hanging out would be cool. I used to play poker with my college buddies after we graduated but it went from two times a month to two times every month to not happening at all. I do enjoy poker, but I think RPG’s would be more fun… I am a programmer so calculations and logic are always being stimulated, the fantasy part not so much unless I am reading.

So here is my cry for local geeks to start (or let me join) an RPG group. Maybe it is time to go check out meet up dot com.

* Maybe I should check with the wife before going on the quest! LOL

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  1. That clipboard’s pretty nice, to be sure. As somebody who was in on the ground level of Dan’s RPG experience (I’m pretty sure he’d never played D&D before he joined our group), he’s coming along nicely. Most gamers I know picked it up during their compulsory education days, when it’s easy to set aside several hours every week to burn your copious free time. Dan picked it up with a wife, kids, a job, and bills to pay.

    I hear a lot of folks pick up the game while in the military service or prison, too.

  2. I was a huge D&D gamer when I was in college, even a couple years after I got out. I still have all my books, dice, figures, etc – my son has enjoyed looking through some of the old Monster Manuals.

    But I wonder, were I to suddenly drop back into a game again, would I enjoy it just as much or has the novelty of it gone? I don’t feel any particular need to play anymore, so that makes me wonder if the spark has gone away.

    Too bad, if so.

  3. @Barry: You never know if you don’t try!

    Plus, there are so many genres of gaming out now that, while traditional D&D may not appeal to you, there are a ton of others.

    For my group and I, the key is really to get together one night each week and hang out. Gaming is really our excuse to do so.

  4. Is the face behind the blog anything like Vh1’s Behind the Music? Because I really, really miss that show. I’m just saying.

    I’m here btw on recommendation of Becky from Searching for Oz. I am on the lookout for a few new bloggers and she pointed me in your direction. I’m working on a post on my blog that will explain it all soon enough. Hope yu swing by!:)

  5. I started playing D&D in Junior High School and played until I finished college. College was the best because we actually had a gamers club at CMU where all sorts of different role playing games (and board games, etc) were played. I tried once to get back into playing with a group at the local comic shop. It was fun even with a group of people I didn’t know but it was a few hours on the weekend that my wife just couldn’t handle. Not to mention the idea of roleplaying (when I tried explaining it to her) was way too weird for her. So, that kind of died on the vine. I’m slightly jealous of a friend of mine who is married and still plays. He and his wife play together and they also WoW together too! =)

  6. Regarding the marriage angle on this: my wife and I have an understanding that game night is my personal time to get away and not have to behave myself. She gets a little time away from me, and I get to curse like a sailor and make crude crude crude jokes that Daniel’s going to hell for laughing at.

  7. I once read a book about D&D. an interesting read for real. in the end though one of the characters flipped. it had become real for him.

  8. The same goes for me: Keli recognizes that game night is the night I get each week to not be a dad/husband and can laugh at BurrowOwl’s crude, crude, crude jokes.

    This can be an expensive hobby, and for the most part, I’ve done good at not spending a lot of money we didn’t have on books and stuff, so, Keli’s pretty tolerant of my Geek habbits. She’s lovingly referred to my game night as my “Geek Fest”. Bailey even says it now; and so do my in-laws.

  9. Hey there! I finally got some time to surf online and decided to check out your blog. *happily takes a seat*

    Our group is actually on hiatus due to one of our members getting pregnant with twins. The DM is the culprit, so both are sadly down for the count.

    I’m pretty good at finding or creating groups, so I can give it a whirl if you’re still interested. I’m sure we can find enough guys to create a balanced group so you’ll be comfortable. Just let me know. :)

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