Easier said than done

Life cannot be planned, we never know what every day will bring. However, there is nothing wrong with having a plan. We fall into the trap of having too many thoughts that go said and never done. “I`m going to keep a food journal, I`m going to start reading another series after Harry Potter, I am going to take more pictures” those are all plans and ideas that I have had lately but have not happened. I think that is where lists come in.

I am not the best list keeper in the world, but I use them to prioritize things. At work I keep my tasks in a white board until they are completed, in life I kind of keep them in my head but writing them out def helps.

From experience, 5 short term goals and 5 long term goals are always good to have. It is a nice number to manage and remember. Maybe a meme for this would help, like maybe every Sunday writting out the 5 goals for the following week. I am curious as to how you guys make goals, keep them, write them out, etc. What do you do?

3 comments on “Easier said than done

  1. I have lots of long term goals, but little plans or ability to complete them. As for short term goals, the only ones I have time for are making sure my kids are taken care of, and everyone else I’ve made commitments to are happy.

  2. I make lists but they are mostly for short to semi-long term items. I currently have a list for decluttering my house. When we go on a trip I make a list of things to be done and what to bring. And then for big dinners or parties, I make lists up the ying yang!

    I like being able to cross things off. Gives a good feeling of satification. But I find if I have to many lists or things to do, I get overwhelmed.

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