One of the activities that I dislike the most is going shopping. I even have horrible memories of mall arguments because the places just creep me out, specially over the holiday season. A bunch of people reverting to their natural hunter instincts, but instead of animals they hunt products. I am glad that I have not had to wrestle someone for a tickle me elmo or a cabbage patch doll, but man do people get vicious when hunting for that bargain.

It is not only shoppers that you have to deal with. My least favorite animal in the mall jungle is the retail store clerk. They are overworked, annoyed and overall unpleasant people that do not have the job they want, just the one they got stuck with. I have not met many people that long to fold t-shirts into perfect little squares for a living. Then one of them has the nerve to ask you as you are waiting to pay and just get out the “Did you find everything ok?” No, I stood in line for 20 minutes no to pay, but just to ask you a question.

I am a go to the store with a purpose kind of person and don`t enjoy browsing that much. Bea can browse in most stores, but overall she is pretty good about being quick at stores. I have never been a fan of the mall, but I have enjoyed going to it with Bea. She has the patience to go to a video game for me so I don`t mind waiting for her to look at shoes. I still have a hard time with spending too much time in some stores, but overall I don`t mind going shopping with her.

I don`t like to sound sexist, but I think this is a male vs female kind of thing. I am not sure if metro-sexuals go to a clothing store and spend hours looking for that right outfit or not, but I personally go and look for something (most of the time from the sale rack) and I am on my way. I can also go to the grocery store in about half of the time of a joint trip. You can call me a sniper on the shopping world, I located, capture and buy what I go for.

So what are your shopping habits like?

5 comments on “Shopping

  1. Personally, I like shopping, but only when I have enough money to spend on the things I want. It seems dumb to me to go shopping for one t-shirt or a package of socks. I’d rather wait until I can go and pick up a few things all at once.

    Typically, it’s the people that are out in public that ruin the rare shopping occasion for me.

  2. I’m a browser. I could shop and go through sale/clearance racks for hours. I’m also a toucher. I like to pick up, examine, hold, touch, feel any object that I’m either interested in, or might be buying.

    But I’m a total shopper. I try to stay away from such commerce just because my account tends to run red after a little bit too much, lol.

  3. Homing Missile style all the way. Even in stores that I enjoy the content of (EB Games, Barnes & Noble, etc) if I know I am buying something, I head straight to it. Get in, get out. I can sometimes browse in the above mentioned stores but it is usually to kill time. I’m not much of an impulse buy person. Now if I have to go clothes or shoe shopping, I know what I have to get, I go in, grab it and then get the heck out!! =)

  4. Ha ha ha ha! Now, why do you go giving my shoe addiction secrets away? Thank you for your patience, you know what I like. We have got to go to Le Gourmet Chef again; I promise we can stay for a looong time at Vintage Stock afterwards. 😉

  5. I don’t spend too much time in stores. I get irritated as well, so I kind of have an idea of what i might want and can spot it fairly quickly (or realize that it’s not there). I also get frustrated b/c the people that do like to spend a lot of time browsing are generally in my way, so I just leave. I love shopping online but it’s not always that easy for clothes and not knowing how a particular style might fit.

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