One Fi`ty Fa`

What is your favorite kind of pie?
Cherry Pie! but with fake cherry flavor… Banana cream pie is also good.

Name something that made you smile this week.
Seeing DeNiro play fruity!

What do you do to cool off when the weather is hot and humid?
Walk into an air conditioned place???

Main Course
You receive $1,000 in the mail with a letter that says you can only use the money to redecorate one room in your home. Which room do you pick, and what do you buy to spruce it up?
The kitchen. Maybe tile, maybe new small appliances.

Fill in the blank: My _________ says __________, but I __________.
My brain says no, but I say yes… more Miller Chill.

23 comments on “One Fi`ty Fa`

  1. Ahh…I think I need some re-decoration for my kitchen too, but the priority has to go to my study room first, hehe.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I’ve never had Miller Chill. Had to look it up.
    I wonder how long it will take to find it’s way to Heineken country.

  3. I have the same app and agree that the fake can cherry pie filling makes the best pie! I’ve never tried banana cream pie. Happy Feasting!

  4. I don’t know if I could like fake cherry pie. Real, yes, but fake?! On second thought, what pie DON’T I like?! LOL Oh yeah, mincemeat.

    Great feast!

  5. I love love love cherry flavored things…breakfast bars, shakes, candy…but I’m not big on cherry pies for some reason. I think it’s cause they get sorta broken down when baked….anyway great feast!

  6. Yea am loving that Miller Chill too! Love the stuff on hot summer days like we’ve been having! Love cherry pie too! Save me a piece! lol

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