I had resisted like the plague joining MySpace, and now it is one of the places I interact with people the most. I also ended up doing the Facebook thing and again, Web 2.0 takes over.

Flickr has been another great place to share things and get people involved. The Handwriting Meme is still pretty popular with over 1000 members and Proyecto Colombia’s picture pool get more visits than the actual site. So is a blog still relevant under my own domain? Should I write somewhere else where it is more directed towards an audience than a general blog where I talk to everyone and not just my friends?

Absolutely. I think the relevance of my blog is that people interested on one thing can learn about another. If someone gets to my site because of the Boondock Saints and ends up learning a little about Colombia I am thrilled, or if someone navigates here because of a song translation and ends up listening to one of my podcasts I think it is great.

However, blogs are about discussion and even though I welcome your e-mail comments, I think many people are afraid of just saying what is on their minds. I challenge you to participate on even topics that you might not even be to interested on, you will be surprised at what you learn, but more interesting for me… what you can teach me. I also welcome any questions or topics :) and don’t have to reveal your identity when you ask a question either. So participate!

5 comments on “Participation

  1. Try as I might, I can’t see practical applications of MySpace of FaceBook over a regular blog. Any site is just as accessible as any other on the internet (although MySpace and Facebook happen to be blocked here at work). I enjoy Facebook for the little games and polls, but never see any other particular value in connecting with anyone. And MySpace is deplorable in its bad design and general contempt for anyone with a speck of design experience.

  2. Participate in topics I’m not even interested in? Dude, I don’t get more than a sentence or two into any such post. It’s a big Intarweb out there.

  3. Why do you need to limit yourself to one? Why not use all of them? I like myspace and facebook to connect with old friends. Then send them over to my blog to stay connected.

    If you had the time, you could have several blogs. I have my general blog and then one for Blog Design. The blog design was my original blog that I turned into a single subject when I moved to my second one.

    I love blogs because I am interested in other people and what they are up to. So it satifies me! (OOOOO! What a great idea for a happiness post!!!)

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