I have never been a real collector. I have some stamps, and I had some coins in the past, but I have never been a real collector. This week two trains of thought collided. Someone started to use tumblr for something personal, and Daniel shared with me some of his funny FAIL pictures. I have been enjoying LOL cats a lot lately and they have brought a smile to my face. Enter my new collection idea.

I had wanted to start a Happy Monday Blog entry for a friend at work that had a hard time with Mondays, but since he did not really got into it i kind of stopped. However, I still “stumble” into plenty of funny pics. I used to love collecting stickers for the books, as well as garbage pail kids when I was younger… so I figured, why not start my own collection of funny pics. So I started a tumblr… sign up for the RSS.

*** Thing that makes me happy ***

6 – News of a blogger visit :)
7 – LOL Cats @ i can has cheezburer.

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