I have been thinking very hard about where to take my blog. I have been lucky enough to use it to get through some very difficult times even thought I hardly ever write literal commentary about my life, I do like writing about life. We all have hard days and getting through them can take us to a wonderful better day, sometimes a better life. The most rewarding thing about my blog thus far has been touching people. Even though most have just e-mailed me instead of commenting, I have been able to relate to people in trouble and help them out. To them and everyone that needs a little push :) I write the following words. (Adelante means Forward as an actionTo Move Ahead, To Move Forward. Thanks Will)


Don’t look back
Don’t give it a chance
Because the past
Is not about to change

Look forward
There lies chance
Move forward
There lies change

Our future is not written
It lies ahead of us
Our past cannot be rewritten
It lies behind us

Battles of the past
Are not to be repeated
The forgotten enemy
Has already been defeated

The power is only yours
Not food for decay
For evil devours
What you give away

Move forward
Don’t look behind
There is a reward
For all of mankind

3 comments on “Adelante

  1. my favourite quote, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, goes like this: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

    Your poem is about the same thing. Looking forward, without forgetting who we are.

    Gracias! :-) Te quiero.

  2. When you say “forward as an action” do you mean “to forward” something as in to pass on or do you mean “to move forward”?

  3. Yeah, Vegas is home…that’s why I’m playing for the tickets! I wanna go back so bad! I was surprised to see a comment on my journal… I was so positive no one ever reads it anymore, lol- good thing I didn’t blog anything embarassing…… or did I??
    Anyway- I liked this entry cause it’s so hard for me to stay out of the past and look to the future….
    I guess that’s one reason they say that hind sight is 20/20. Great poem too, btw.

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