6 comments on “Aug 2 Happy Challenge

  1. OK, I think I can elaborate on John’s line here, based on my own feelings: Both of us being bloggers can be a lot of fun. We know what we are talking about sometimes. Neither of us will look at the other thinking we’re crazy or simply wasting our time. Some people don’t get the whole blogosphere concept, so it’s nice to share it someone you love.

  2. I did not know I was required to explain.

    It is one of the things we have in common and makes us understand each other.

    I thought about giving up blogging before, and it seems just silly now, because it is a part of my life for sure.

    I discover new things via blogging for sure.

  3. Logtar is correct..you don’t have to splain why it make you happy…just that it does. :)

    And thanks for participating, man. You rock.

  4. In my defense, I was just trying to be “that” difficult commenter and bust your chops a bit.

    I’d love it if Keli started blogging for the same reasons you guys already wrote about.

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