Dateline J.K. Rowling Interview

If you have not read the book, stop now. There are plenty of spoilers and this post does not have the spoiler alert that the TV interview had.

Even though the interview broadcast in about an hour, the actual content was around 25 minutes. I am sure someone in youtube will condense it down and edit it. I will summarize what we learned here.

J.K. Rowling is a little controlling and does not like people that skip to the end of the book to find out what happens. I think she is a little entitled since she gave 17 years of her life to write the book. She even hinted as to wanting to release the last part of the book later just to make sure people read it the way she wrote it.

During her writing process she killed people she spared characters lives. It was hard for her to write about people deaths specially all of the father figures Harry had. She was going to kill Mr. Weasley, but since she considers him the best father figure in the series she let him live. We do see how he does not play much of a role in any book past 5.

Teddy Tonks is killing kissing Victoria who is Bill and Fleur’s daughter on the train in the last chapter. She wanted that to mirror some of Harry’s own orphan situation. She also answered what the three main characters jobs are when they grow up. Harry and Ron become Aurors Harry probably becoming the head of the Auror department. Hermoine becomes somewhat of a lawyer in a department for the miss use of magic, but this is all in a very different Ministry of Magic. She says that they create a whole new world.

Even though J.K. Rowling said she was done writing the Harry Potter series I am sure she will keep on writing if not about those characters about that world. I would almost bet on saying that we will see Harry again and not just in the two movies that are left. However I was wrong on my prediction of Harry becoming the new DADA teacher. If I missed anything just comment :)

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  1. I recorded the interview and am about half-way through it. It would’ve been cool if she would have included what Harry, Ron and Hermione were doing in the book’s epilogue. Wouldn’t Teddy’s last name have been Lupin?

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