With a little help from…

My Colombian friends! and anyone else that wants to lend a hand

July 20th is the Colombian Independence DAY!

I have changed the look and going to relaunch Proyecto Colombia tomorrow. However, in order for it to be what is should be, I need help. We need contributors that will look for POSITIVE news stories about Colombia, write articles and moderate comments. The Flickr group has grown a lot, so pictures can be submitted directly there.

If you are interested on helping out, contact me at gmail, my username is as always Logtar.

You can also support us by posting tomorrow about the Colombian independence and linking back to the site http://colombia.logtar.com.

You can post the following about Colombia…

Did you know?

Colombia like the United States is a Democratic Republic.

In 3 years Colombia will celebrate 200 years of independence.

Colombia has mountain ranges with peaks of over 18,000 feet.

The humpback whale migrates each year from the Antarctic to the Pacific through the waters of Colombia.

You can also be proactive and see how many other facts you can find about Colombia that you already did not know. Of course keep them positive, the media already has all the negative stuff well covered.

If you like little link images, you can always use one of the following.

You can use any of the following images.

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One comment on “With a little help from…

  1. You know? I really wouldn’t call July 20th 1810 Colombia’s Independence day since what happened that day was a petty revolution that named a provisional government with some offices to the instigators, but with the ‘Virrey’ still in charge. For the next decade, Spanish still had dominion over the most part of the coastal zone and other territories in the central part of the country. And anyways no real government to reflect the constitution of a new State was created that day. And the story about that day isn’t that positive, though is a lot of fun.
    August 7th, 1820, after Bolívar’s army defeated the Royalist Army in Boyacá is more close to Colombiás actual Independence day, since after that, the Spanish army made no further attempt to gain control of the New Granada Virreinato and Bolívar was the De Facto leader of the nations (with Panamá, Ecuador and Venezuela in our ‘Gran Colombia’ phase) and soon was elected the De Jure leader.
    Anyway, if I find a good note about Colombia, I’ll send it to you.

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