KC vs Chitown Round One

You would think that KC cannot even begin to compete with the city of Chicago on any level, but it is actually growing on me every single day. Even though I have many great friends living in Chicago and still love this city, KC has a certain charm that Chicago is having a hard time matching.

One of my biggest complaints about Chicago is traffic. I have disliked not commute times as much as sitting inside car in stop and go traffic. I have a less than 5 minute commute now, but even if it was 45 I would not mind driving here because traffic does flow. There is nothing more infuriating that having and ever changing commute every day that can take you 45 minutes one day and 2 hours the next.

Road construction in Chicago seems to be another headache that can back up traffic for ridiculous times, and it is also present here in KC, and what is worse is that the alternate routes are either already slow by congestion or just simply not a smart idea because of safety. KC seems to keep up with their growth and expand their highways accordingly, Chicago just simply cannot keep up. Every single highway expansion I have seen there seems to be about 10 years late.

Tollways are the other annoyance that Chicago presents. Even though not all highways are pay to drive ones, some of the main ones coming in and out of the city are. The worse part is that someone from out of town pays double for not having an Ipass (a little box that automatically deducts the fee from a preloaded account.)

Even though I am comparing cities in two different “weight” classes, and the judging is highly subjective (maybe I can do a stats one next), I think that round one goes to KC. I think it is going to be a great fight and I still don`t know who is going to win. So how does your city come out if they join the fight?

One comment on “KC vs Chitown Round One

  1. Having lived in all kinds of places, with all kinds of traffic, I have to say I love KC.

    When living in Montreal, commute was long sometimes, especially when having to cross the bridge to the main island during rush hour. Then there is Palmira (vé!) with its horrible traffic juggling, bicycles, motorcycles and people walking ON the street (literally).

    I like it here.

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