My Gatekeeper Catching More than just Spam

I tried to make the question as easy as possible, and then I made multiple ones where the answer was the same. My little spam blocker asks to simply type the number one, followed by the number zero. 10.

It seems that some people (I will not mention any names) have had serious issues trying to comment here lately. So unless you want to join the list of absent commenters due to difficult question… comment.

I did not even ask how you write two in binary.

** UPDATE **

I think the plugging does not work like advertised and I have removed it… so comment away.

5 comments on “My Gatekeeper Catching More than just Spam

  1. The first time I typed in my answer…I typed the word ten…cos I know some people are sneaky like that 😛

  2. I don’t think you should bother explaining this to people because if they can’t figure it out you might not want their comments on you forum. :)

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