The Holocaust

Six million people died, not enemy combatants, not an army… just a race of people that needed to be wiped off the face of the earth. This weekend I watched the movie Freedom Writers which was a lot more powerful than I first expected it to be. When I saw the previews for it I could picture just the latest iteration of dangerous minds. However this movie was a lot more than just another story about a rough high school, it was the story a group of people that were changed by knowledge.

One of the most powerful parts of the movie shows how a group of students taking remedial English change their perspective in life because of reading just a simple book. While the book is a powerful one (The Diary of Anne Frank) and it makes the kids in that class whom did not even know what the holocaust was understand that what they go through is not a matter of just environment. While we can all be victims of our surroundings we can also come out ahead.

Humanity is capable of horrible things, I believe the need to be more significant than others is what fuels those irrational thoughts. Instead of transcending through positive actions people like Hitler leave a mark in this world through their hatred of others. Sadly it is sometimes just because they do not understand what makes them feel miserable so the only solution is to try to make others feel their pain.

If Hitler could have figured out what it is that was wrong with him, maybe he could have stopped to think that all of his hatred was simply his need to leave a mark. While there might just be people that are insane like him or many other deranged people that get a following, I hope that humanity can start moving forward away from simply just unloading rage instead of dealing with it.

The holocaust is something that is hard to define in numbers, but try to imagine that everyone you know that has one characteristic in common, and not to make it just about race lets say everyone that you know that has darker hair, gets rounded up and taken to a place where a vast majority are going to die. Think of all of them just being killed for no other reason that they had something in common… then think of what happens every single day in our world… it is not too different from the current sectarian and ethnic violence going on around the world. It seems like we are doomed to never learn.

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  1. Speaking of wiping people off the face of the Earth, I watched “Evan Almighty” this past weekend and it reminded me of the story of Noah. Humanity was wiped off the face of the planet because of how evil they had become. I’d like to think that if we started all over again that humanity would have a chance to do better and forget all the hatred from the past. I guess that just shows that the nature of man tends to be petty and focused on the physical here and now instead of the spiritual.

  2. It’s odd. When I was little, before I even knew what the Holocaust was, I started having nightmares about being in, what was unknown to me, a concentration camp where all of my family, except myself was killed. This went on for about a year before I finally confided in my parents who, then, told me what that the “setting” of my nightmares was, what it was all about etc.

    Crazy how something I knew nothing about in Elementary school plagued my dreams. it was a horrible time in history that, hopefully, will never be repeated.

  3. The movie made me want to know more about the Holocaust. I’ve heard stories, like my best friend’s visiting concentration camps in Austria. She said she experienced a feeling of desolation she never experienced before. Many years have passed after the horrendous massacre, but she says you can still feel it in the air.

    Just thinking about things like this makes my heart cringe. To think there were human beings who considered themselves capable of deciding on the fate of others.

    Hatred… Such a horrible world, such a horrible attitude. It doesn’t matter in what form it comes. Despising others and wanting to hurt them “just because” is something I just don’t understand.

  4. I’ve done a lot of reading about The Holocaust, almost because obsessed with it when I was in high school and college (wrote some papers on it for history classes). I did not get the impression that this was the theme of the movie from the previews — I wonder if they had marketed it better than it might have performed different in the theatres. It came across as yet another Stand and Deliver or Dangerous Minds to me.

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