Harry Potter Mania

buy at Amazon.comJust yesterday I preordered my copy of Deathly Hollows… have you?

I just finished reading The Goblet of Fire. I try to re-read the whole series before a new book comes out and with the last one closing in on the horizon I am starting to feel nostalgic. Even if I do have the Wheel of Time series to start reading right after.

I am about to start reading my least favorite book in the series because my favorite character dies. Not even the fact that J.K. Rowling actually cried while writing his death makes me feel any better about her decision. I hope that the last book really gives me some kind of payoff that will make me feel better. This will also be the first time I re-read book six.

I started reading the series while still in college. I have even waiting in line for a copy of the latest book at midnight. I consider myself a Harry Potter fan of the crazy obsessed kind. I have not celebrated his birthday before but have been thinking about doing it with a local group of fans. Why am I so into a series that is for kids?

First it makes me feel like a kid. The most important thing however is that this book is about love… and how love is the most powerful magic there is, even in the magical world.

This book is so popular that it has been hacked! I actually stay away from the internet boards while there is going to be a new release. Speculation can suck the life out of a surprise and I love being surprised by the book.

6 comments on “Harry Potter Mania

  1. I’ve read the series as well and love the movies. It’s hard to describe why I like it, even though it’s meant for kids. I did, however, think that the earlier books were a little more intersting in terms of their mysteries, though. That reminds me that I need to sign up for the next one on Amazon right now…

  2. :-) I have to start reading the series. Big fan of the movies, but I have touched just one book. Shame on me!

  3. Keli’s read the whole series but I’m still trudging through “Order of the Phoenix”. We’re about half way through that one now. I just want to read it before the next movie comes out.

  4. I just started rereading “Order of the Phoenix” last night and I realized I can’t find my copy of “Half-Blood Prince.” I have the new one coming via Amazon the day it hits the stores. I can’t wait!

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