Early Theologist

This weekend I had the great pleasure of talking with my fifth grade teacher Pilar. She is one of my Mom’s best friends. Even after more than a decade of living in a different country she is still considered a great friend. She is going to come and visit this summer and I could not be more excited.

We had a catch up session over the phone where she told me plenty about what is going on with her life and I also told her how much my life has changed. Like my grandfather she has always been a great supporter of me. She then told me a story that I did not remember about my early years.

The first time I ever walked into her classroom I was very young, I had been listening to her talking about the sun and what she was teaching stuck with me. Then she was talking about God and I told her that I felt that God was the sun. I said “The sun is everywhere warming us up and even at night it gets to us because its being reflected by the moon.” She is still amazed to this day that I had that capability of reasoning at such an early age. I have very vague memories of this happening and it was not until she mentioned that I even remembered it.

She later on became my fifth grade teacher, but when I first met her I was not even going to school yet. I am not sure if I ever told this story here but I actually started first grade when I was four years old. It was a mixture of luck and opportunity even though if I had the choice I probably would have waited until I was a little older to start school.

Teachers are some of my favorite people in the world. Something I did not tell Pilar was that even as a professional now I still dream of some day becoming a teacher and hopefully affecting people in a positive way as she did with me.

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  1. I happened to start 1st grade when I was 5, so I went through my whole school life being slightly younger than my classmates. I was the youngest person in my graduating class, that I was ever able to determine, and I wonder if I’d been a year older when I graduated that things would’ve been different for me socially and developmentally.

    I’m glad I didn’t for many reasons, chief of which is I’m happy to have the classmates I did and still keep in touch via reunions, etc.

  2. I guess my experience was not as good… I ended up being 2 years younger than most people in my class and during high school it was not fun. I only keep in contact with a couple of people from my high school years, which is at times sad.

  3. I started school when I was four, so I was a year younger than all of my classmates. I was always the baby of the bunch. But I wouldn’t trade it.

    I had a good school experience, socially. But my school just wasn’t up to par educationally. I would have much preferred to have been sent to a private school now that I look back on it.

    But like you, I don’t stay in contact with any of my classmates either. I talk to only two or three of them… not sad, just different paths.

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