Puzzle Quest, Challenge of the Warlords

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  • Graphics (7)
  • Gameplay (8)
  • Replay (9)
  • Sound (5)
  • Multiplayer (2)
  • Total (6)

Many games attempt to mix genres and not many do it very well. I am happy to inform that puzzle quest does quite nicely mixing RPG and Puzzle elements. The combination is not a new one, but it is one where the puzzle element is not just mixed with the fighting system, it is the way you fight. Puzzle quest uses the connect 3 system of electronic grandkid of connect 4 (Bejeweled).

The graphics while not very animated work for the game. The characters have an anime flavor and the monsters are very RPG. The worldmap is HUGE and all the little towns have their own little feel to them. The story line is quite interesting and adds depth to the game in a surprising way. At first I thought I would not be very interested on the story but the more I played the more I wanted to follow the character progression.

The game’s biggest asset is replay value. This is a game that you can pick up any time and spend hours or just minutes and have just as much fun. There are plenty of sidequests besides the main story as well as paths. There are many choices to make, “Take the princes to the trolls to be married or add her to your party…” You also have four races to pick from and have male and female characters.

Even though the game is highly addicting the most annoying thing is the music. Most of your time is spent in the middle of battles and there is only one song for all of the. A different song per type of creature would have been an excellent mix. I ended up just playing without music. The soundeffects are ok, but not very impressive.

My biggest complaint with this game is the lack of head to head multiplayer with a single card. It would have beens simple enough to strip the game just for a head to head battle. The multiplayer does not work for online play, the only way to battle someone is if they are in the same room with you. While this does not ruin the game completely it does take away from a final score that could have been awesome.

The final word is that if you enjoy puzzle games or love bejeweled, this is a must have for your DS. However, if you are just a casual puzzle gamer I would stick to Tetris DS.

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