“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Activism and politics are complicated to discuss. I have always been too lazy to actually get too political beyond just your regular argument with a friend or coworker. I have never participated in anyone’s campaign and my time in student council did not change the school.

It is important to have views and ideals, but also dangerous to not be open minded. While we see vegetarians wearing leather and pro choice Christians (me being one of them) it seems like it is hard to take a stand. Surely a nun took a stance for her convictions, but do I really stand for anything?

I remember the sermon of the church that was cleared by two gunman coming in and telling everyone to get out unless you were ready to die for Jesus; only to be later revealed as church leaders trying to see who believe like them or not. Is that really something to be proud of? Would God be proud of I died a martyr?

I have heard plenty of people talk about that story or the one of the girl during the Columbine shootings (even though neither have ever been confirmed as factual) talk of them as true believers… then why is it that we look at terrorist and wonder how can people believe so blindly? Were the people entering the church to scare the congregation simply terrorists in the name of Christianity?

I understand terrorism because I know how it makes me feel and how much I despise it. However I can never explain it completely. I rationalize some actions by extremist because I know how an uneducated and hungry mind can easily corrupted by the thought of acceptance. Should we be concerned that some of our youth is not being taught to question authority?

I was very concerned the first time I heard a Pastor give me political advice. One of the things I learned in Colombia when I first learned about civics was the separation of Church and state… why is it that so many “church” people are trying to get into political offices? Does that concern you even a little bit? Do you feel safer if the person running your town is a member of your own congregation or denomination?

Last time I checked democracy was about standing up for the people and more and more I feel that politicians stand up for only their people. There is a air of backing up what label you have been giving by this society rather than the good of everyone. Be very careful when people tell you that you will be included in the majority that they are fighting for because you never know what little detail might put you on the other side of that fence. Someone fighting for most of the middle class is fighting for a smaller group of people than what it was 20 years ago.

When it comes to politics it is hard to take a stand, but then again that quote keeps resonating inside my head… “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

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