Uneducated Constituents

I like to listen to everyone`s point of view. I do not regurgitate other`s views and call them my own, I try to make up a decision on what I believe with the information available to me mixed with some of my personal experiences. Most of my readers would agree with me, but then I ask… why are there so many people in this country that just listen to one radio show, one source of news or information and make up their political or moral views?

I know better than to believe what talk radio talks about, but I was interested on listening to what some of the people around me were listening to every day. I gave a listen and I most admit I was a little disappointed. I listen to the Michael Savage show and while his tirade on immigration is not much different than what other people are saying, I was a little troubled by one of his statements.

He said that the people behind immigration reform only want to bring uneducated constituents that can be dominated.

While the statement ignores that hispanics are graduating at a higher rate than any other minority from college, and that not every single immigrant from Latin America is uneducated it clearly ignores what I think the bigger problem is. America`s education system is turning out more and more uneducated people.

People are supposed to go to college not to just get a skill but to learn how to think, how to make decisions, how to solve problems. I have not seen that skill being taught much since some of my great teachers in highschool. People are not being taught how to think!

One thing that also scares me is that more and more the people that are breaking ground on science and technology even here in this country are people from other countries. Not immigrants but people that come and study here and then go back to their country of origin. I don`t think this is bad for the world, however it is bad that there are not many Americans leading research and development anymore. On top of that some of our laws are stopping research from happening here making it impossible for progress. When the breakthrough is done by a lab overseas and not here I think we lose what America to me always represented. The land of innovation.

4 comments on “Uneducated Constituents

  1. Let’s not forget that Michael Savage is the same dude who told an openly homosexual caller that he hoped he got AIDS and died.

  2. it clearly ignores what I think the bigger problem is. America`s education system is turning out more and more uneducated people.

    A lot of the same people that believe we’re bringing in uneducated constituents also believe that there is a conspiracy to dumb down education for much the same reason.

  3. I’m not ready to call it conspiracy… however, kids right now think a realistic goal is to become an NBA or NFL player, or be a showbiz star. Maybe for some, but not for everyone… what about a kid wanting to be an astronaut, rocket scientist or neurosurgeon?

  4. People are not being taught how to think!

    Agreed. The U.S. education system really needs to start integrating logic courses into the curriculum, all the way from universities down to grade schools. Having a strong sense of logic helps people sort through all the crap put out by the media. Being able to pick out falacies in arguments, and just being able to figure out if what a person is saying makes logical sense are both valuable tools.

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