Person of Interest, Edwin Roy Hall

I am not sure what perturbs me more, that this crime happened right here in town or that the sick “person of interest” in the case has a MySpace account where his general interest include “eating small children and harming small animals.”

Kelsey Smith was abducted around 7:00 P.M. on Saturday from the local Target. I heard about it on the news Monday morning and felt really bad for the family. Surprisingly there was a lot of information about the “person of interest” since he was captured walking out of the same Target after Kelsey did.

I never met Kelsey, but one of my friends has a babysitter that knew her personally. This is not just close to where I live, she lived a mile from my place, and I have visited that same Target plenty of times.

Tuesday afternoon a couple of girls were going door to door handing out fliers with pictures of Kelsey and her car, which was later found parked in an adjacent parking lot to the scene of the kidnapping. The kidnapping was also caught on camera.

Wednesday morning her parents were on the Early Show talking about their daughter and pleading for someone to come forward with some information about her kidnapper. While I ate lunch I watched the news and caught a word that alarmed me while listening to the Police officer give the news conference. He said the “late” Kelsey Smith. At that moment I figured that they had already found the body and were just waiting to get the guy before they released that information.

Wednesday afternoon they announced that they had found a female body, later confirming that it was Kelsey’s. Later that night they announced that they had in custody the person of interest everyone was looking for.

I am not sure what troubles me more, that he was married and had a 4 year old son, or that it happened so close to where I live. We all like to feel safe and one of my considerations when moving to a new place is that it is a nice “safe” community. Crime can happen anywhere, but it is really sick when it happens to someone that was just going to buy a present for a classmate to celebrate their high school graduation.

There is still a lot of speculation going on as to a motive. Her father used to be in law enforcement and it could have been a retaliation type of motive. While this might provide a clue, it would still never justify anyone taking this girl’s life.

TH to Just Cara for posting such good information. The power of the internet, you can even take a look at the official complaint (Murder in the First Degree and Aggravated Kidnapping) against Hall.


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  1. The MySpace page was deleted and his wife’s was set to private… the best I can do is that picture that JustCara captured.

  2. This whole things has just broken my mom’s heart. i have a child who graduated two weeks ago, too. Parents are so proud of their kids; they’ve raised them safely and soundly to this age, and their lives are so full of potential. for some cruel person to take them away is just unbearable.

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