The Video Library is Closing!

While I do enjoy the cheap prices at Walmart, I do believe in supporting local shops. Whenever I find a local computer store I try to get things from their store rather than online, or if there is a local coffee shop I would rather go there than Starbucks. I always prefer an LFS (Local Fish Store) to a petsmart or petco for my fish.

I was so excited after a friend told me about The Video Library which is a local video rental store here in Kansas City. I really wanted to not just go there but post about it online… but then I met the owner. I’ve had horrible customer service experiences but this one was one of the worse.

When I first moved to the US and was still learning English one of the people that helped me the most in understanding idioms and meaning was the owner of a local video store. I used to hang out at Steve’s shop all the time renting movies and video games but also chatting about pretty much anything. He was very patient with me even though I did not know much English then and really made me feel welcome there. I think that is the way to run a business.

I expected some of the same from the owner of the video library but I was met with rudeness, one of the worse I have ever experienced. I almost felt like if I should feel honored to be allowed to walk into his store or something. He was also very vocal about hating his job. I felt almost sorry but then I figured he did not deserve any free publicity. I learned a while ago about the power of a simple blog post.

Even though I did not want to post about it, I still felt like I had to give them business over my belief in trying to support the local guy over blockbuster. That and movie rentals have gotten more and more expensive. I even went as far as to cancel my online movie subscription. I started to rent movies from there about once a week even though I would have to pass the local blockbuster every time I went there.

I was very surprised when I pulled up there this weekend and saw huge red signs saying closing sale. I walked in to see if you could still rent a movie with no luck. Everything is for sale and the store is closing as soon as everything is liquidated.

I am not sure if the owner finally had enough of the crazy schedule or if the local people considered him a den of perdition because he also carried porn. I do know that he was probably losing clients because of his awesome personal skills and brilliant customer service. I am a little sad that everything is going to franchises now, and will have to go back to blockbuster to get my movie fix.

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  1. I hate Blockbuster Video. I used to work for them and they’re run Mormons who edit their movies. My advice, find a different video store. Or save your money and watch movies on cable TV… you’ll get the same experience.

  2. I work in retail. I can tell you why the guy was rude to you. We in retail hate it, HATE IT, when customers stop by all the time to just chat. We are rude to such customers to get them to stop it. We are not working at a store to be your social outlet. Get some friends!

  3. Carlos,

    I actually have plenty of friends and have worked in retail before. I was not trying to become friends with him, I just wanted it to be a pleasant exchange rather than what ended up being. I go to a retail store because I like to know more about what I am renting… if I just wanted the movie and then get out netflix would be were I would go.

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