Confused friends

I am still laughing, I did not think that yesterday’s post was going to make so many people think it was about them.

I have a history with my close friends of being one of the people that they come to for venting. I do not have problem with any of that and I did not want to single out the person that the post was about… it was more of a general rant of sorts towards the people that love Drama.

The entry was sparked because I find one of my ex-online friends way too much of a Drama lover… while I know I am going against my better judgment here and posting (which would make that person feel important) I have to clarify. The post was only about one person and well, the argument we have been having has been outside of the blog world, at least from my side.

Online drama is pretty funny, because well, we are all a little self important if we have a blog. However, blogs are such a small part of who we are, at least for me and most of the people that I keep friendships with that blog. I know Daniel more from our conversations over the phone and chats than from his blog, Michael and I talk more via MySpace and on the phone than through our comments, I know Mike more from the times we went out for food than from his blog… etc, etc.

If you read my blog and have never met me, there is a lot more to know about me than what you might read here. If you know me and read my blog, you kind of get a different perspective on what you know. In the end only those close to me know what is really going on with my life and how much fun I have when I am not working (which has been tons lately, at least an hour every night besides the time in the office.) If you only read here, which at times I use as a venting tool, you would think I am freaking spastic. LOL

So, take the last post as a rant that I just had to get off my chest and not a do not come to me with your problems post! I still want to hear about your problems. 😉

Drop the bags

I went to Cancun for 7 days with only a backpack; I can pack quite a bit into just one bag. As much as I dislike carrying bags I dislike carrying emotional baggage. I seem to be a magnet for people that love to use profanity to get their views across. In forums and real life alike I seem to offend people by just telling them what I think. People have a hard time telling the difference between someone’s opinion and their reality. It seems that so many out there have gotten used to not hearing the truth from people, that as soon as someone talks they think argument instead of discussion.

For someone that dislikes drama as much as I do, I seem to be constantly be trapped in it. Maybe because of drama following me is that I have gotten to the point that I just laugh at people’s stupidity sometimes. Everyone has different priorities in their lives, and if I rank high enough on their lives for me to be such a source of discontent I feel very sorry for them. Please people move on already, I truly have more important things to do with my life and I hope you do too.

Baggage sucks, especially the emotional kind. I have tried to always be very open in my relationships with others. I don’t think that if you ever come in contact with me you would ever be left wondering what I thought about you. I guess I am one of those rare people who say what they mean and truly mean what they say. Experience has taught me that I need to really watch what I say to people, but I am still just as honest with my feelings as I have always been.

If you are a source of drama, you will be cut off from my life. Simple as that. Would you eat a cake after it has been sprinkled with cow manure? I certainly refuse to. Take your chill pill, talk to your shrink, take a break and let go of that baggage… no matter how hard you try I am not going to carry it. Now back to my tasty breakfast!

Pr0n @ Work

Pr0n at WorkI have made some great friendships at some of my jobs. One of them is Matt, a guy from Korea that was a programmer with me at CPS. I have a lot of friends from that place, more than any other I worked at but I had a very close relationship with Matt. I was really into Korean culture back then and I had even started to learn some minor phrases. I had been practicing Tae Kwon Do for about a year when I started to work for the company and Matt opened up to me because I knew so much about his culture. He was a very quiet and reserved man that spent all of his free time with his family. We would go to lunch almost every day and talked about culture, life and of course work. He would bring me Korean food or treats… and one day gave me the coaster pictured here. He was a very good person to work with and even got me into playing go. I am not as good as him, but I do enjoy the game. I remember that during the world cup I got him the Korean national team jersey and he was very thankful for it. It feels good when people appreciate what you do for them.

I kept my coaster along with my desk toys until now. They have been moved from job to job. It was not until recently that I looked closely at the coaster… and what did I find pR0n!

It is not just your regular kind of pR0n, it looks like an ancient painting but there is definitely nipples there. The funnies part is that it was not until I showed a coworker here that he noticed some pervert looking at the girls in the background.