Some Jesus with your Party?

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This was the scene this past weekend when I was hanging out with some friends at the party area full of sinners. Once I saw the sign, actually first the other side that said, you are all going to hell, I told my GF to take a picture. The dude took this as an invitation to SAVE me.

I am allergic to crazy, and I was not going to have this dude hand me his little pamphlet. I said, no thanks dude I already GOT JESUS! he insisted on telling me how much of a sinner I was for being there. My patience for crazy was used up a while ago so I insisted on saying, no thanks man. Then he struck a cord, go ahead and get drunk and sin. I turned around and told him, dude Jesus turned water into wine, and even though he could have came back with the whole it was a wedding, he decided to say that back in Jesus day, wine was more like grape juice. Then to add insult to injury he starts telling me about the drunks from the Bible. I was not drunk, neither was anyone in my group. We had just been in the museum all afternoon at the happy hour on the sculpture terrace and went to Westport for just some food, a single drink for some, and actually cookies and milk.

So I guess going outside of my house to anywhere but a church is consider sinning, actually not just that I am going to hell. How dare I consume alcohol or walk around in a place of sin? I personally think the biggest sinner was the dude holding the sign who obviously believes in a very fundamentalist way and its looking at all the girls dressed in very provocative clothes… what a sinner.

The guy embodies my issues with religion. Pushy people that have higher standards than me and therefore are living messengers of God telling me, dude you are not one of the 4400. Almost like Nelson from the Simpsons laughing at me saying, you are not worthy!

The winner of the Logtar award for cleverness and hilarity goes to the dude holding the other sign with my favorite punctuation sign (…ellipses…) , which read… Holding a sign got me NOWHERE…

Come inside and watch some TV already

I remember when I was a kid and dreaded my Mom coming out to look for me to take me inside when I was playing with my friends. I know this did not happen just in Colombia, I know my friends here say the same thing. We had Atari and Nintendo, but we would play soccer as much as we could, run around playing tag or whatever new game we had come up with.

Watching TV this morning I heard a report saying that kids today get an average of 17 minutes of commercials a day, while the figure is not outrageous think of TV time.

It is not that parents are lazy, because I know plenty people that I know that spend plenty of times getting their kids from activity to activity. However, it seems that outside of organized sports kids are not getting much play time. We as a society have turned the TV as the nanny. Video games, movies and cartoons are training our little consumers of the future.

I thought of the topic of advertisement in video games as mute. Then today I realized how bombarded kids are today with it. Try to go to the grocery store this week and count how many Shreks and SpiderMans you see. Not only are we letting the TV raise our kids, we are letting it make them consumers before they even get a job.

The argument on this topic that makes me the saddest is the one that says we are not as safe as we used to be when we were kids. I think this is an empty argument because if anything we are safer. Just because the news reports more bad things happening it does not mean that we are less safe.

I don`t even know what the solution to this problem but I hope that kids get to go outside and play more. The is time for video games, movies and TV when they grow up.



I`m always looking for things to make me laugh, I found this site a week ago. I had seen the LOL Cats website before (now defunct) and did not find it that funny, but this guy posts only some of funniest I have seen. The site is called I can has cheezburger but it is better enjoyed via RSS. Go there and LOL! … here are a couple of my favorites…


And there is also some non cats… I find this one hilarious… ENJOY

Funk Programmer X

I have picked up the pieces after some other programmer left a company in bad terms way too many times. Even though it has been a good thing in the long run because I have been able to make things work out, it did end having one horrible experience where there was just no saving the situation. The only constant during this process has been the time and money wasted during a painful transition.

I have yet to understand why companies will let a relationship deteriorate this way with one of their key players. Even worse is when an employee becomes disgruntled and ends up hurting not only the people that work at the company but everyone that will have to come after to clean up the mess.

On almost every one of these situations there was fault to blame whole departments. The worse example of these situations is when programmer X was there. I remember the blank stare on the manager`s face, he believed the last programmer was the ultimate guru that could solve any problem and deliver things on time with no plan. He needed no direction, only a problem and he would give you a solution. He was the lone ranger, a rogue programmer, why is he gone? Where did he go? Trust is a precious thing, but in a work environment it is difference between a successful project and a huge failure.

I am not sure if its human nature, but it seems that we are more willing to bury the truth than admit we are wrong. I actually was able to identify a programmer X once while he was still employed by a company and no matter how hard I tried to warn my manager he would not hear it. He is a genius I was told. He single handedly saved a project. The problem was that every single project after that “excellent success” had mayor problems. Actually even that brilliant gem of a project was a house of cards that was just waiting to be given a little nudge.

Be very afraid of a developer that does not care for the users. While we all have some issues with users at times not using the functionality that we work so hard to put together, they are still the ultimate consumer of our product. Be even more afraid if someone in upper management refers to users as pawns.

The most successful projects in my career are closely tied to making a product that not only managers liked, but that users thought was easy to use and made their job better. You have to be smart about the code that you write and understand how it is going to be use. There are rare instances when someone in upper management understands the business better than the people that perform the tasks, but unless they are still closely involved with the day to day make sure that you still have a way to check your product`s performance with the actual users.

That is one of the basic principles, beyond that you still need a solid plan to make a project work. I was very surprised when I experienced that a lot of companies are willing to just execute without a clear road map. A flawed database design overcomplicated code inside a program can spell trouble for the future of a company. When a company is willing to compromise testing time for unrealistic release schedules programmers will cut corners. Programmer X will most likely deliver, but they will be the only ones that can produce those seemingly magical results.

When a manager start believing that this programmer has magical powers is when we you know that trouble is just around the corner. Timelines become so short simply because the Programmer X is on the team that projects have no planning stage or testing. Pressure to deliver starts rising and not just for the Programmer X but for the whole team. This might be just my experience, but it seems that another quality of Programmer X is their ability to destroy teams. They do that when they talk in circles and shut down everyone else`s ideas. Also they point the finger on how their team just cannot deliver at his level and what is worse some managers actually believe them.

So here is my rant to Programmer X, funk you man! I am sick of finding out that you used technology you did not understand, tired of cleaning code that was complicated just for the sake of job security. A job security that you ended up leaving when the pressure of unrealistic expectations that you set yourself was too much to take.

Friday Feast BOYZ

Tell about a time when you had to be brave.
When I decided I needed a new job asap… lucky I had back up :)

Which upcoming movie are you excited about seeing?
Harry Potter 5! This is the first time I am more excited about the movie than the book (I disliked book 5).

Name an item you try to always have on hand.
Keys… which include my thumb drive.

Main Course
Imagine the most relaxing room you can think of. Now describe it!
Hardwood floors, light furniture, fluffy pillows, tropical plants, ocean and sun outside…


On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how spiritual or religious are you?
I’m all cozy with big guns upstairs, and Jesus is my homeboy… so 10!