That is the name of the Wii… why Wiicho, it souds funny… I totally pronounce it GuiCho. I have not been as happy with a console since I got my very first Atari 2600. This is the first time that I get a brand new console while it is still considered new. I have not been as amazed by what it had to offer out of the box since the NES with Mario and Duck Hunt.

The Wii is totally plug and play, even before you play the first game you are having a lot of fun creating your avatar reading the news and playing with the globe. Surfing the net is just adequate but being able to jump into YouTube on a TV screen is fun.

I got two games besides Wii Sports, Wii play and Zelda. I did not even insert a Game into the console the first day, and Wii Sports kept us entertained the first day we played it. Tennis alone is a very simple game but fun and well executed. I cannot wait until Virtual Tennis is ported. Baseball is fun and Bowling for everyone else but me… I have issues releasing the ball.

Wii Play is a must have not just because you get an extra controller for free but because the games will show you what the controller can really do. The duck hunt for this generation is tons of fun and again, makes me long for a good port of Time Crisis… I can already hear the Reload in my head.

Then today I finally got going on Zelda. After being frustrated by the fishing and finding a bottle the game truly started. The has been so many twists already that I cannot even begin to tell you how good the story is… sadly I think you need to play to really get what I am saying. So go, buy a Wii and PLAY! Get my friend code from the current sidebar!

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  1. You ABSOLUTELY MUST get the 480p component cables and play them Progressive Scan if your TV supports that. I of course connected it that way on my widescreen HDTV and configured the Wii to use Widescreen. Freakin’ beautiful. Zelda really pops with the added resolution. I love it.

    Pick up the cables at Wal*Mart for about $29. No need to buy the $60 ones.

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