Because blogging is cheaper than therapy

I have been thinking about doing this post for a while, and I think I am finally ready to post… Here are some of the things that just tick me off! Enjoy :) “Because blogging is cheaper than therapy”

Internet traps – That sneaky spyware window that just won’t close, or will open another one up.

DMV-DOT people – They hold a minimal amount of power, but milk it for all it is worth!

Don’t turn that dial
– Last time I checked my TV did not have a dial, I bet you most people in college right now did not even own one.

Losing a post that was both eloquent and funny.– I think this happens to all bloggers, you get inspired, start typing a huge post and them BAM, you lose connection, battery runs out… whatever happens is irrelevant, that you lost your masterpiece makes you want to hurn inanimate objects.

Doors with handles that are meant to be pushed. – Is it too much to ask to not mislead you with a freaking handle?

This post will grow… I will probably place a link in the about me. Have a good weekend!

2 comments on “Because blogging is cheaper than therapy

  1. Our TV growing up didn’t have a dial either, but it should have. Instead it had a vise-grips pliers.

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