Because bloggers were once children

Kid PictureOso put up one of the best meme`s in a while last week. Make sure you visit him and help propagate the idea. Please participate!

It was sometime between 1982 and 83. I was in first grade and was about to turn 5 years old. It is amazing that I still remember some things about back then, and actually remember when this picture was being taken. It was the first time I had seen a pen that would sit on a little block, later I would learn that quills were being held that way for a long time but now people would do this to pens… who knows if people do that with their pens in their offices anymore.

I started first grade when I was 4 years old thanks to living in a school. When my parents first were married they lived with my Grandparents. My Grandparents had a big enough house and it was quite common to do that in other countries, at least when couples are first starting out.

The elementary school that I ended up attending was an old house that was slowly turned into a school. When I lived there, the back wing of the house was still used as a rental place and that was my parent`s first place on their own. I would see the little kids go into kinder garden and I naturally gravitated that way. The teachers were nice enough not to mind me there and my Mom was very surprised when they asked her if I could start attending first grade the following year. My Mom did not want to pressure me into it, but said that I could go as long as there was no grades or any pressure put on me.

I started first grade and did quite well, after that I just continued going to school, and if it was not for many reasons that are another post all together I would have graduated from high school when I was 15. I ended up graduating high school here in the US when I was 18, but it all worked out the way it was supposed to. So, go dig up an old picture and post it on your blog!

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  1. LOL .. that is one happy smile.

    I had no idea that you were so close to being the real Doogie Howser.

  2. AH! What a cutie. It’s good to know you had those good looks all along.

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