No Pr0n for YOU!

I am not one to post about the news all the time, but this time I just have to. It is almost ironic that as one local mega church is accused of pocketing money, other churches are out on a witch hunt over porn.

I am not a fan of porn, I like the real thing a lot more, but I am not against it. I think that as long as you are not abusing it (kind of like everyone mentioned about alcohol), it is not going to lead you into the road to perdition. I believe that if your belief system tells you that porn is wrong and sex is only for marrige, more power to you… don’t go into the sex shops.

I think they should be more worried about churches ripping people off. Why not lead an investigation into how much they are pocketing from the 10%+ they are taking from their paritioners.

One of my problems with organized religion has always been the whole give us your money part of it. A pastor tells their congregation, you do not need money, give us your money and you will be debt free (Yes, I have heard this first hand.) and see them driving on Mercedes while the rest of their people go home in their economy cars. Same people that wear armani suits and their wife’s with fabulous make up and more hairspray than should be allowed. That has always angered me a little bit because I rarely see any money going back to the comunity, it is mostly to make the church more mega.

I guess the funny thing is that First Family Church is being trown under the bus by their webmaster. Go Jesus Geek GO! He was a little concerned when building the church’s online store he figured the money was going into a for profit entity…

I should borrow Greg’s monkey to flip the switch on what became Church week here at the blog!

4 comments on “No Pr0n for YOU!

  1. Wow. No comments on this yet, eh? Well, I’d hate to see this blank!

    There always seems to be someone willing to get ahead off of the backs of others. This is exceptionally unfortunate when the people taking advantage are ones that are suppose to be protecting those people being taken advantage of. There will always seem to be “scandals” like this in the church. Christians aren’t perfect (all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God) but we are subject to just as much temptation, if not more than, everyone else. I’m sure nothing pleases Satan more than exposing some “holier than thou” Christian leader and causing all those non Christians looking in to say that Christians are no good. Of course I am not excusing their actions and these leaders should be held to a higher standard. For every one of these scandals that make the news, there are many more leaders that have the heart of God and live very humbly. Of course that never makes the news, eh? =)

    “Organized” religion isn’t to blame. You have to take each person, one at a time. There is no organized Christian religion that I know of, that has the policy of making the leaders rich and making the members poor. It is that leader that decides to take advantage of people who bears the responsibility. It always amazes me that they somehow think they are fooling God! What? You think he doesn’t know? =)

    I’ve used up my alloted ASCII characters for the day, so I’ll save the pR0n discussion for another day.

    Have a great weekend Logtar!

  2. First Family’s jihad against stores that sell pr0n is dumb because it also affects peripheral businesses – while as an undergrad, I worked in a indie video store in JoCo that had a small selection of naughty videos and DVDs in the back. Without that stream of income, they couldn’t possibly stay in business.

  3. I have difficulty with organized religion for these very reasons as well. With my Ex’s church, the pastor lived in a nicer home and drove a nicer car than most of his members. I do think the church paid for it more so than him skimming the funds, but it seemed a little excessive in terms of spending the church funds on such extravagant means.

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