Come inside and watch some TV already

I remember when I was a kid and dreaded my Mom coming out to look for me to take me inside when I was playing with my friends. I know this did not happen just in Colombia, I know my friends here say the same thing. We had Atari and Nintendo, but we would play soccer as much as we could, run around playing tag or whatever new game we had come up with.

Watching TV this morning I heard a report saying that kids today get an average of 17 minutes of commercials a day, while the figure is not outrageous think of TV time.

It is not that parents are lazy, because I know plenty people that I know that spend plenty of times getting their kids from activity to activity. However, it seems that outside of organized sports kids are not getting much play time. We as a society have turned the TV as the nanny. Video games, movies and cartoons are training our little consumers of the future.

I thought of the topic of advertisement in video games as mute. Then today I realized how bombarded kids are today with it. Try to go to the grocery store this week and count how many Shreks and SpiderMans you see. Not only are we letting the TV raise our kids, we are letting it make them consumers before they even get a job.

The argument on this topic that makes me the saddest is the one that says we are not as safe as we used to be when we were kids. I think this is an empty argument because if anything we are safer. Just because the news reports more bad things happening it does not mean that we are less safe.

I don`t even know what the solution to this problem but I hope that kids get to go outside and play more. The is time for video games, movies and TV when they grow up.

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  1. Oh, the fun days when moms actually had to tell us to come inside, instead of pushing us to go and get some exercise because we were stuck to the TV. We were restless, all that green grass, all those trees, all that fresh air… Those were the days of our lives. Cheesy me, I know. 😉

  2. You may not recall this as you may have been in Columbia at the time.

    But we had a large number of media tie-ins to make us all good consumers when I was young as well…I recall the Happy Meals and all those other tie-ins to movies that were hip, hot and cool at the time.

    So, it may be getting worse, but it’s not anything ncessarily new.

  3. I have neither cable television nor game consoles in my house, so the kids have no other choice but to find something outdoors to occupy their time, lol. Sometimes you just have to take it away…

    Take care;

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