That is the name of the Wii… why Wiicho, it souds funny… I totally pronounce it GuiCho. I have not been as happy with a console since I got my very first Atari 2600. This is the first time that I get a brand new console while it is still considered new. I have not been as amazed by what it had to offer out of the box since the NES with Mario and Duck Hunt.

The Wii is totally plug and play, even before you play the first game you are having a lot of fun creating your avatar reading the news and playing with the globe. Surfing the net is just adequate but being able to jump into YouTube on a TV screen is fun.

I got two games besides Wii Sports, Wii play and Zelda. I did not even insert a Game into the console the first day, and Wii Sports kept us entertained the first day we played it. Tennis alone is a very simple game but fun and well executed. I cannot wait until Virtual Tennis is ported. Baseball is fun and Bowling for everyone else but me… I have issues releasing the ball.

Wii Play is a must have not just because you get an extra controller for free but because the games will show you what the controller can really do. The duck hunt for this generation is tons of fun and again, makes me long for a good port of Time Crisis… I can already hear the Reload in my head.

Then today I finally got going on Zelda. After being frustrated by the fishing and finding a bottle the game truly started. The has been so many twists already that I cannot even begin to tell you how good the story is… sadly I think you need to play to really get what I am saying. So go, buy a Wii and PLAY! Get my friend code from the current sidebar!

Maroon 5 – It Won`t Be Soon Before Long

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It is no big news that I am a huge Maroon 5 fan. Their song Harder To Breath addicted me to them because of the beat and excellent lyrics and then Tangled made me a fan. Like Deguia said in his review of the new Linkin Park CD it is hard to review material as a fan, but after on listen to this CD there are two songs that are almost instant classics.

Right now the radio is playing Makes Me Wonder right now, but it is really not what I have chosen for a single even though it is an excellent song. Little of your time is what I have chosen to be the first single from this CD, it captures the sound of the group while still sounding new. Can`t stop is also another song that makes you want to shake your booty. If you have not bought this CD already, do so from Amazon by following my link, or pick it up at Walmart, I got it for 10 bucks. Listen to the new CD on their website, I am sure you will enjoy the music.

Because blogging is cheaper than therapy

I have been thinking about doing this post for a while, and I think I am finally ready to post… Here are some of the things that just tick me off! Enjoy :) “Because blogging is cheaper than therapy”

Internet traps – That sneaky spyware window that just won’t close, or will open another one up.

DMV-DOT people – They hold a minimal amount of power, but milk it for all it is worth!

Don’t turn that dial
– Last time I checked my TV did not have a dial, I bet you most people in college right now did not even own one.

Losing a post that was both eloquent and funny.– I think this happens to all bloggers, you get inspired, start typing a huge post and them BAM, you lose connection, battery runs out… whatever happens is irrelevant, that you lost your masterpiece makes you want to hurn inanimate objects.

Doors with handles that are meant to be pushed. – Is it too much to ask to not mislead you with a freaking handle?

This post will grow… I will probably place a link in the about me. Have a good weekend!

Heroes Finale Thoughts

I have to admit that I was a little dissapointed when I first saw the season finale. I felt that it did not have the strength that the “future” episode did. However, I started to realize that if we wanted another season of heroes it had to end this way.

Like a good wine this one is getting better as time passes. The more I think about it, the more I like the way they left things. We have 4 of our heroes potentially not coming back. While I hope they all stay in the series there is a possibility that they might not.

Also we see Simone again, and her Grandfather being one of the group of people that Linderman and Peter’s Mom is a part of does make it very possible that she is still alive. We never knew if she had a power of not, but she very well could have being related to someone with power, potentially.

A big question for me is what are some of the powers of the older crowd. We knew that linderman was a regenerator and I can almost bet that he is Peter and Nathan’s real Dad. What about Peter’s Mom… do powers get “bigger” with every generation or are they simply genes that are passed on?

Hiro going back in time also opens up a lot of possibilities. Will he become a Samurai and then come back badass? Have we had Heroes all through history? Was Hercules one? My mind just keeps going on with possiblities.

The more I think back to the finale the more I like it. I think it was a good way to end the season… not a total cliffhanger, but surely full of possible storylines for next season. Sylar is for sure the ultimate Lex Luthor.