Armed with some serious tools

Just came back from Chicago… ah, the food… the last meals… before the total body transformation self imposed challenge. But first lets recap the weekend.

Not only did we get to spend the whole weekend eating good food… we also had a good time. Even though like always I did not get to see as many people as I wanted to, I am thankful for the time that I did get to spend with friends. There are pictures… but if you are meant to see them you already know where to go. If it seems like I am a little food obsessed its because I am, I am actually going on a serious diet and exercise program. After a long time I finally feel really good about myself and I figured what better thing to house a healthy mind than a healthy body.

If you guys want to join, just let me know… I am going to keep track of it over at the weight loss challenge page. I am also going to seriously start using traino to help with motivation and accountability. Its going to be hard, but it will be totally worth it.

The most serious tool that I am going to use is self determination. While it is a good thing to have others supporting you on the quest, unless you are the one putting your mind to it is not going to work. I will not be blogging about my weightloss because it is personal and what works for me might not work for anyone else. However the challenge will be up and you can participate by leaving comments there. Back to your regular programming.

3 comments on “Armed with some serious tools

  1. AWESOME!!! I love your challenges!!

    I have been working and training now for five weeks. Currently (as of this very morning at 6am), I’m 156… Goal weight is 120.

    I’ve got a little tickey of progress at my page too that I borrowed from PastaQueen at Half of Me (great weight loss blog!).

    *high five* way to go Logtar!! We can do it!!

  2. Im in. I was 218.6 this morning. My goal is 205. Im allready down 15 since the begining of the year.

  3. Sign me up sweetie! I’m currently at 175 pounds. It’s not where I want to be and I’m ready to change that. It’s time to start a new me.

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