You know how I know you are gay?

Logtar: You put your cat on Catster!!!
That is like the ultimate, “You know how I know you are gay!”
Deguia: It was peer pressure,
some co-workers put their dogs on Dogster and I was like “HA! I put my cat on Catster!”
then when I realized people were actually trying to be friends with my cat,
that I was turning into “one of those people”
Logtar: Wow, you are actually “one of those peple”
this is material for the weblog for sure
Deguia: lol
I’ll have you know, i haven’t logged onto Catster for well over a year.
Does the fact that I’m watching “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” make up for the whole Catster thing?
I was young and immature in 2005.
Logtar: LOL
you will never live this cat thing down.
Deguia: I hate you
Logtar: its normal once one has been reduced to the level you have reduced!
I can pop in I think we are alone now by Tiffany and listen to the whole album and it will still not be as gay as the catster thing.

*Disclaimer* Post for entertainment purposes only. I am not homophobic or want to offend, just entertain!

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  1. That is nothing… He compared his son to a dog. I was shocked. We started discussing pets and there he was… Telling me he didn’t need a puppy because he walked, potty trained and fed his son. I’m still in shock. LOL! Just kidding, Daniel!

    And what is wrong with being one of those crazy cat people? Besides, I blame the cats… They really are plotting evil against humanity and they own us. We have to accept it, live with it and submit.

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