Logtar’s Cat Humor Humor Looney Lunes

So, for Todays Looney Lunes, lets have a little Caption Contest! Who can come up with a better caption for this picture?
Caption Contest
Yummy, tastes like chicken!

9 Responses to Logtar’s Cat Humor Humor Looney Lunes

  1. I told you I wasn’t into that kinky cross-species thing…but you wouldn’t listen, would you?

  2. Yar! I has frogz legz!

  3. That’s what happens when cats go to medical school.

  4. “¡Los sapitos hacen mmmm ah mmmm!”

  5. is that the ass tag of the stuffed frog?

    Your pussy looks just like our Lulu.

  6. Hey Logtar, fellow blogger. Long time don’t see. Well, not literally but you know what I mean. I’m liking the changes on the website. I’m looking forward to more entries. Be well!

  7. “Horror struck the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade today as ‘Hoppy’, the newest float in the parade, was pounced on and mauled by a giant mutant cat.

    Authorities blame radiation from a passing meteor for igniting the feline’s reign of terror”

  8. I want the gushy foods! If I don’t get them..the beanie toy gets it.

  9. An inter-species 69. That’s a pussy that licks back!

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