How many Koreans do you know?

After today we will all know the name of Cho Seung-Hui who was identified this morning and the gunman, a 23 year old senior English major resident alien from South Korea.

I have had the priviledge of calling 2 South Koreans my friends. One was my Tae Kwon Do teacher, and the second one was a coworker. I spent a lot of time with them, got to know them as people and learned as much as I could about their culture. My favorite Asian dish comes from Korea.

This shooting really solidified my belief that crazy people come from all backgrounds. Until the name was relased this morning I would have never guessed that a South Korean was behind the shooting, mostly because of all the South Koreans I know. Then I thought, what if the guy was Colombian? would that make a difference?

Sadly it would. Now no matter what people are going to look at asian kids different because that is how we are trainned to think. How often do you look at a white kid in a black trenchcoat and cannot immediatly associate him with Columbine?

I am sure this kid’s life will be disected and explanations are going to be found. The thing is that like with most irrational things, people are going to try to make sense out of them… find an explanation… find a person or thing to blame. Reality is that none of that brings the people back, none of it prevents it from happening again.

I just hope that people are smart enough to realize that this has nothing to do with color, or nationality and all to do with crazy.

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5 comments on “Korean

  1. You can’t use this as an excuse to play the race blame game. You have to look at everyone as an individual. In terms of terrorists in the Middle East. All those people are individuals that chose that path in life. Each of them has a different back ground that triggered them to make the decision to join that movement. Yesterday was a tradgedy and a realization how desensitized we have become as a species. No one really knew him and, more importantly, no one cared.

  2. This isn’t a blame game. That game is used as a method to redirect the attention of where problems truly lay. Yes, we should look at problems as “individual” in nature, but most lazy people will associate things because they have been trained to do so by the idiot box (TV).

    I am more than sure that the source of this disturbing event will come to light. If nothing else, the media need to find out all the facts discovered by the law enforcement agencies. It’s sad that such things are starting to become more of a common occurrence in our time. It gives me great concern how we are developing as a people.

  3. La novia de mi mejor amigo es coreana, me cae muy bien, aunque sea cristiana y yo desapruebe la religión fuertemente (pero esas son otras cosas). Hasta ahora, no había asociado el asesino con ella, pero quizás es porque estemos muy lejos de lo ocurrido y que auí ya nos hemos acostumbrado a la Tragedia, que no le damos mucha importancia.

    En cualquier caso, lo siento de verdad por todas las víctimas del tiroteo y por las que serán marginadas a raíz de esto.

  4. I hope it doesn’t turn to that. I think it’s sad that we look at Middle Eastern people with fear because of one sect that’s radical. In every race/creed there will be those that cross the line. I hope we as a nation can realize that and not focus hatred on yet another group of people because of one isolated incident, however tragic it was.

  5. everybody is capable of violence. sometimes humans can be so depraved. i know we all got some real sick thoughts from time to time. ultimately we are all strangers. no one really knows who you are until you act. but violence is always stupid.

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