No more guns!

That seems like the sane thought after hearing about the massacre in VA. I think the answer is the opposite. We need more guns, we just need to have them in the hands of the right people.

The news are saying an array of things that just make my head spin. Who should be blamed? I have heard the word porn at least 10 times in the last 30 minutes… I ask myself, what does it have to do with this?

Profile this, security that, alert here… terrorist? psychopath?

The reality here is that whoever did this has a chance to kill 32 people and himself because no one was there to stop him. Even crazy people know that they are not going to go shoot a police station, because they have guns and you will not get to kill too many. I remember the story of the carjackers that went to a city where they allowed conceal and carry and they ended up shot.

I personally do not like guns, but I feel that we need to protect ourselves and I am almost scared that if something goes down I will not be able to protect what I care about. What do you do? What if someone just picks the day you got to the mall to start killing people there?

I hate this feeling of not being safe. I know that the sense of security I had before 9-11, Columbine and today was a false of security, but it did feel great. And for the people that think this is no big deal, think if it was someone that you loved… how would you feel. If your life was suddenly destroyed by this tragedy… then what? Lets not forget that people are being killed all over this world, lets not be so naive and know that it could touch our lives any time… then again, living in fear is no way to live.

“He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither”
–Benjamin Franklin

5 comments on “No more guns!

  1. You should watch Bowling for Columbine. Many other countries have the same, if not more lax, gun control laws, yet they do not have the rampant violence the US does.

    Gun control alone will not solve anything. I do, however, think it’s absurdly too soon and inappropriate for the media and others to be jumping on the “the VA shooting happened and we need more strict gun control laws” bandwagon.

    You bet your ass if someone broke into my house at night I’d use whatever I had to defend my family – a knife, baseball bat, etc. A gun, however, would just get the job done faster.

  2. Daniel says: “Many other countries have the same, if not more lax, gun control laws, yet they do not have the rampant violence the US does. ”

    Those other countries also have smaller homogeneous populations. The comparison is a microcosm of big urban cities with millions of different races living together, vs. small towns like mine of 3000 white people. The same argument holds true.

    Guns don’t kill people. People behind those guns do.

  3. Spree killings are in no way unique to the United States. The folks talking about this being the most deadly shooting spree ever apparently never heard of Woo Bum-Kon ( ).

    As for having a gun in your home, statistically it just means you’re more likely to be accidentally injured or killed by a gunshot. To keep a weapon safely in a house with kids (like Dan or me), you’d have to take measures that would make the firearm nearly useless for self-defense purposes: get the gun, unlock it, go to the separate location where the ammunition is, load it, go find the intruder or whatever… Lots of time or an armed intruder to do a lot of harm.

  4. I have slept with a .38 under my head for years now. Matt with a .45.

    We have 7 guns/rifles total in our home in various locations.

    We are responsible gun owners, knowing how each comes apart and how it is cleaned, as well as taking them to the range to stay sure of how each fires, and making sure they are all in working condition. Matt has a conceal and carry permit for his Kimber .45.

    Woe be to the person who decides to break into our home.

  5. I hate guns. I’m not going to protest we shouldn’t have the right to bear arms. I agree with weapons in the right hands. Who knows where our society will be in 100 years. Heck, now cops are using stun guns to subdue suspects so they don’t have to resort to guns. We can’t fix this overnight. A related subject is children with guns. All the accidental deaths that occur when Jimmy finds dad’s gun. If we would teach our children proper use of a fire arm there would be less “accidents.” Ignorance should count as accidental. If you don’t know how to use something, don’t touch it.

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