Fridays Feast 139

Another Friday’s Feast! Come out and PLAY!

When you were a child, which crayon color was your favorite?
Flesh was the most amazing one for me.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how likely would you be to change jobs if it required you to move?
Hehe, I have done it twice… probably would not do it again. Very happy with where I am now job and city wise. It all depends on where you are moving to… but its a hard step to take.

Take all the numbers in your birthday and your phone number and add them up, one by one. What’s the total?
I know my Bday Total is 5 when you apply all the numerlogy crap and down to one digit… now the other stuff is just too much work… maybe later.

Main Course
Have you ever “re-gifted” anything? If so, what was it and who did you pass it on to?
Personally I don’t think I have… I tend to appreciate all the gifts I get, even if it is the ultimate white elefant.

Name something you need from the store.
Just went to the store, so it is kind of tough to think of something right now…

27 Responses to Fridays Feast 139

  1. Great Feast. I tend to enjoy the things I am given too. I must say that I have regifted though. It was something that my wife was given but when we regifted my name was on the present. My feast is up.

  2. Happy Friday! Nice Feast; I never used the flesh color because it wasn’t as tan as my skin is…I think it made me mad lol

  3. Great feast! I wasn’t really into the adding up all the numbers question either. Just too late at night for that.

    Happy Friday!!

  4. Hey flesh was pretty cool too!! I remember using that one a lot also. I am with ya on the gift thing.

    Great Feast!!

  5. Great feast, I am trying to figure out how your birthday total is 5! 😉

  6. I really messed up on the math since mine was in the millions (smile). Happy Feasting and I hope you have an excellent weekend.


  7. Great Feast!
    Love the salad.

  8. Flesh? Don’t think we could afford the fancy colours at my school…. 😉

  9. The flesh colors in my crayon box were “apricot” and “tan” – I remember thinking one of them looked much like a Barbie doll’s skin.

  10. Great feast. I forgot about the flesh colored crayon. That was a great color.
    I had a hard time with that math question too!
    My feast is served, come and dine.

  11. Did you know they changed “flesh” to “peach”??

    PC and all :)


  12. I enjoyed your feast!
    ♥ Annie
    My Life as Annie!

  13. Nice feast.I enjoyed reading the names of the crayons..Heehee Flesh is great

  14. Great feast, mines up along with my weekly Friday Flashback!

  15. Flesh…always a fun color!

  16. Color carne! 😀 I liked that one too, because I could colour the faces of the little people I drew. They were sick and twisted and I was obsessed with their hair. LOL

  17. Brick red and Midnight blue. Two great colors.

  18. Funny! I never really liked the flesh color because of the name!! LOL I would love it now that it’s peach!!

  19. great answers – really enjoyed your feast! mine’s up, come visit! 😉

  20. Great feast! I don’t think there was a flesh color when I was little. I was coloring in the seventies. Mine is up, too.

  21. Loved your feast today! Congrats on being the first to serve it up! Just saw that you live where I grew up. It sure has changed since I was there but I liked it all the same. Come on over if you get a chance.

  22. Great Feast…I think I did the birthday total question differently than every one else.

    I took 11+19+1977 and then my phone number. heh heh

    That would be way more than five!!

  23. El Color Piel era Lila por la parte de atrás en los Magicolor cuando yo era pequeño. Y no, no se parecía a mi piel.

  24. Hahahaha . . . you copped out on the math! 😛

    I did it, so come check out my feast!

  25. Very nice feast. I agree with your main course. :)Enjoy your weekend.

  26. No, Pol. El color carne venia con el gris. Ha ha ha ha! El color lila venia con el verde claro. 😉

  27. ¿El lila no es una especie de verde claro?
    ¡Me han engañado!

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