Yes it is MONDAY!

And I hope it is going to be an excellent one. Not for any particular reason, but because I do not want to get a case of the Mondays. At many of the companies I have worked for, Mondays have been the days of sleepy people and piled up work. So, I am going to try and give you something else to look forward to and make a funny post every Monday. I tried to start a meme before, but that requires thinking… so Logtar`s Loony Lunes is back and lets see if we can get a laugh.

Funny Analog Joke

“Hi? Is this the mental hospital?”
“Yes, it is.”
“Can I speak to Mr. Scott in room ten?
“One moment and I’ll connect you …. I’m sorry, Mr. Scott in not answering.”
“Good. That means I must have really escaped.”

Funny Strip of the week.

Life imitates Art

My favorite YouTube of the past week. How to draw Homer.

2 Responses to Yes it is MONDAY!

  1. Great start to a Monday!

  2. I love Dilbert! Thanks for the laughs :)

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