Best Personality Test?

I am a sucker for personality tests… one of my favorite of all times was the Johari’s window… but now I found a better one. You can see my collection and here is one of the ones that did not say anything that did not match me 100%.

6 Responses to Best Personality Test?

  1. And where is my credit??? I showed it to you! LOL. Kidding. I love this one!

  2. It holds pretty true to my personality. It’s amazing what pictures can say bout us individually. I sent mine to you.

  3. I took this one as well. I don’t think I’ve ever been this impressed with an online personality test, to be completely honest.

  4. I took this one too…the images were pretty much dead on for me.

    Happy Easter

  5. I loved this! It was a lot of fun!!! Oh, and in case u didn’t know, my personal blogging is now at

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