The Riches

I have not been very enthusiastic about TV in years. Sure, I have liked a lot of shows and been glued to the TV from time to time. Must shows lose their appeal after a season, some of the best ones actually get cancelled. I remember Dark Angel going to the crapper after it seemed like the best thing on TV for a while. Then, Heroes started and I was once again glued to the TV like only cartoons used to make glued to the TV when I was a kid, or watching Batman Beyond, Justice League or Teen Titans. At first I thought that it was just because of the superhero theme, but then last week I was the riches.

I knew that Eddie Izzard was going to be in a new TV show, at first I thought it was going to be some kind of reality show. Last week flipping through channels I was that The Riches was coming on, and it said it was the pilot. After watching 10 minutes of it I was starting to get school girl excited. Eddie was not just hilarious, the supporting cast was hitting it out of the park. I was into it, I felt the fear of getting caught, did I mention they were thieves…

Something that I was not expecting happened, like the best twist and turns on Heroes… not as dramatic and with a more long lasting satisfaction feel the show started to surprise me. I am not putting heroes down in any way, but like chinese food, which I also love; you are super full at first, but then very quickly you are hungry again. Minnie Driver appeared on the screen… just skin and bones and sporting very cool corn rows. She was getting out of jail and she was married to Eddie… when I thought I could not be more surprised I found out what they were. They were gypsies… but not the ones you think about that are almost european… no hick sounding gypsies.

Interested yet? it gets better. The humor gets smarter, the story gets more complicated, the acting gets even better with every episode. I am watching the second show and I hope that Eddie gets nominated for an Emmy. I can only hope that he get so popular here that he will do a big tour of the US. For now, tune into FX and watch the Riches. You would not be disappointed. I love this line: “The American Dream, We are going to steal it.”

* Update * Thanks Andrea, totally forgot… The Riches is on Monday nights on FX 10E/9C.

Filter me this, filter me that

I am so sick of filters. Why can people just say what’s on their minds? When did we become so affraid of speaking our minds that we end up just going on circles just to please everyone around us. (I just re-read what I just wrote and realized that it is a luxury that maybe should not be given to everyone… speaking what is on your mind that is).

Are filters good or bad?

A coworker, in the past was very into expressing himself. The problem was that the expressing was sometimes rated X, or at times XXX towards the opposite sex. I, for some reason or another, do not like being a pig in any situation. I can barely stomach it when there is only guys around. I think its the whole “I have a Mom, Sister and a niece” kind of thought that enters my mind when someone objectifies a woman. Then I hear that he was a different person around his significant other, so he did know how to apply filters. He made it very unconfortable to work around because I never wanted to be associated with such trashy way of talking, specially in a “professional” environment.

So are filters good?

Another coworker had no filter when he talked about bad practices around the office. He went as far as just telling our boss that a decision he had made was stupid. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he actually said “that is just stupid” to one of the decision my boss had just made. I agreed with my coworker completely, but then again I decided to hold back not because of a filter but because it was just not going to make a difference. I would not have used those words but if I believed that it could change something I would have said it was the wrong decision. When you work in a company long enough you realize that you can either be a change factor or not… I guess my coworker did not take the time to figure that out, or filters were not his thing.

So are filters very good?

While having a conversation with another coworker he defined something for me from a different perspective. He said some people have filters and some people have masks. Filters are the tools we used to hold words while we think before we speak based on previous experience, morals or situations. Masks are when in front of certain people we have one set of morals and codes of action and in other situations we are completely different. I then realized that I am not bothered by filters at all, I just cannot stand masks.

I have worn masks before. I have tried to be something that I am not in front of some people because I thought they would like me better that way. However that made me extremely unhappy and I could not keep doing it. I have realized with time that people either like me for who I am, or don’t like me at all and that’s ok. I have issues with rejection, and I used to strive for everyone to like me. Most people might not have a problem with it, but at times it was hard for me to accept that some people jut did not like me.

Just as hard as it was for me to have a mask on, it is hard for me to stand people that wear masks around me or around certain groups of people. Maybe because I do not know who they really are. Maybe it is because of the whole “cool” factor. Then again, how many people do we really get to know for who they are? I guess that is a whole other post.

Cold Fusion 7 Expert

I have the personal rule not blogging from work, but today is different. I am actually blogging for work. We are looking for a Cold Fusion 7 EXPERT! someone that knows about the server side. We are having an issue and we really would appreciate someone to contact us ASP. Hit my e-mail at gmail. Logtar that is.

Grow old together

One of the biggest paradoxes in my life has been the definition of love. If I have tried to love so hard, why have I never been in love? Over and over in my head I have tried to define what love is with no luck… that is until now. I think I have finally found a good definition for that feeling that is so hard to define.

Before getting into the solution to the problem why not talk about the road there? How many times have I really loved? Is any love ever complete? Can you have true love with only one person feeling the need to do everything possible to make the other one happy? Is there such a thing as unconditional love?

Love is not perfect, that I know. Love is something that cannot exist without peace, patience and hope. Love without lots of humor is not much fun. The is actually not a bad place to start looking for a definition for love. 1 Corinthians 13.

After being in serious relationships I thought I had it all figured out. After telling people that I loved them I figured I knew what I was talking about. While I had the feeling right, the emotions in tune and the delivery supposedly down path I thought I knew how to love. However the mix for that love potion was not mixed correctly and in a couple of occasions it made me sick… one I thought it was going to kill me.

The first time I thought I was in love is probably the hardest to rationalize now… should I call it puppy love, or should I give it the respect of the way I felt then. I can only hope that some day I can feel that innocent love again and that it has not been tainted. The woman I married, and who I am still very good friends with, I loved as a friend and now I also hope that I can someday love someone and call them truly my best friend. The first time I felt love mixed with passion was intoxicating, to the point that I did not see how wrong it was for me to be with someone that was in a total different timeline than mine… then again I still want to feel that passion and not be blinded by it. The last time I loved was the first time I was truly committed, to the point I lost myself in the process… I did everything for someone that did not deserve any of what I had to offer… yet I still someday want to love someone so much that I would truly do anything for them.

Mixing elements in a chemistry lab is something you are not supposed to do unless you know what the reaction is going to be. How are we supposed to know what the correct amount of doubt, insanity, or faith is supposed to be mixed in. I have so many times loved with so much doubt in my heart it was insane, and the only think that kept it going was faith… faith not just in a relationship but as sick as it sounds, faith on myself to be able to be something that I was not just to make someone else happy.

For the longest time my definition of true love was very simple. It is when two people feel the same way about each other. Maybe I still have it wrong, but today after giving it a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion of love is when you can find someone that you want to grow old together with.

Happy Pi Day

As in 3.14159. The number is most known because of diameter and circumference, if you don’t know how to use it, well go back to Geometry. So to be a total geek, chess playing an all here are some interesting notes…

Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday E=MC²!

The symbol was used in the movie The Net as a gateway to the Praetorians! (Please add other weird tidbits about the number!)

If you saw the movie Contact or read the book by Carl Sagan you can add yourself to the group of people that might believe that Pi contains the Voice of God and that the number contains the answer to the universe. If you want to start the decrypting of it you can start here… the number with 1 mil decimals places.

So today at 1:59 celebrate!