A Blast From The Past

Before we get into the actual post I have to tell a story. Back in the College days when I saw both Melissa and Travis all of the time there was 3 Johns. One was John Pearson, then John Green the III and last but not least there was me. (Disclaimer * Names have been changed to protect identities.) It was tough to have 3 John’s around all the time, but I thought that with the last names we had it all figured out. Little did I know that my friends had a nickname for me behind my back.

Pearson was absentminded at times. They had kept the nickname secret for a while, but one day while bowling John P put a name I did not recognize up on the score board. That is when I first found out I was being called Paco behind my back. All of my friends waited for my reaction, but I embraced it. There are only 4 people in the world allowed to call me that to my face, they earned it by putting up with me during college and those are Melissa, Travis, the Vodka kid and Eric. The other people from that era have pretty much dissapeared from all of our lives.

Now you can understand why my first online handle was Devil_Paco. If you have known me for a while in the internet world, you would have probably gotten an e-mail from that e-mail address. It has now been retired for about a year… not sure why I kept it for so long but it was almost like a reminder of simpler times. While being with that same group of friends I came up with the handle Logtar. I was tired of having to use something different every time a system did not like the underscore. Playing Warcraft II over a home made network (which was a big deal back in 96) I decided that the Ogre’s were saying Logtar after you gave them instructions. I am sure my interpretation was not the most phonetic persay, but hey, its 6 characters and it was unique. I have only found two posers trying to wear the logtar handle… believe it or not this tirade is not about handles… is about my fast horrible attempts at web design.

The very first webpage I wrote cannot be found anymore. That is a shame because it was sweet… ok, it was not but since there is no record of it, I can believe whatever I want. We can call that (Site-Beta). The first release was under another name of my webmonster was done under the geocities banner flag… and it was called (Devil_Paco’s Homepage). I thought those days of horrible web design were over, but then My Space came out to make me wrong.

I thought I was super slick when I did the second version of my website, and I was even more excited with making graphics and that point… I thought I had true design skills… here is (John Guzman Personal Web Page). Frame on the top… back then it looked better when it was seen on a smaller screen at low res. I even built the little click buttons for my links, but no mouseovers yet.

After that I have a site that I did not update much, but I did have a version in Spanish of it. I remember I put a picture of my first house there but I think that one is not backed up all the way… I then started sporting the logtar handle in the URL. I even had my very first rudementary blog like page… lol.

I then started to think of a domain and I settled on something simple, something that would be easy to type and easy to remember… why not my handle! And Logtar.com was bought. The First version started being worked on here, but the final version was actually finished my one of my friends back then. It was a very heavy background with just some text… but it was a start… around the same time I discovered Jason’s blog and I thought wordpress was the coolest things since sliced bread… I have not looked back ever since.

Right now, logtar.com has two subdomains. The blog, and Proyecto Colombia. The website about Colombia is going to go through some mayor changes… stay tuned. My main domain is a little more driven towards the professional world… and well, if you read my blog you know more about me than you ever wanted to know. One thing I do wish I had done is to have kept screen shots of my old blog versions… we’ll see, wordpress is cool enough to let me go back to old themes… someday maybe. Hope you laughed as hard as I did.

5 comments on “A Blast From The Past

  1. That really brings back the good ole days, Paco. I was just talking about you the other day in the car and I mentioned you by your actual name, John. Melissa was actually surprised by this, because in passing I always refer to you as Paco.

    This post just really made me feel good. I miss those carefree days of skipping Math class and going to lunch somewhere instead.

    Whether we call you John, Paco, Logtar, or whatever… I’ll always call you my friend and my brother.

  2. Travis, we’ll call him Paco. I think that suits him better. LOL

    Because of you, I spent a lot of time at Web Archive looking for my old pages. Oh, dear God…

  3. Talk about a blast from the past, lol. Now I know how you got the handle “Logtar”. Paco devil? TE-HEE.

  4. I don’t have a nickname. At least not one that anyone told me. Maybe it’s better that I don’t ask.

  5. I’m famous in your post :)
    I really love what you’ve done with you’re blog. I kinda feel motivated to redesign mine :)

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