I cannot understand what is going on with the advertisement world. There are so many commercials on TV that I laugh at, and not because they have great humor. It has become a sad thing when I seriously think that I can do a better job than the people that made that stinker of a commercial.

My first complaint is that I cannot remember the product. It seems like now there are two modes, either infomercial, I will shove the product down your throat for only 29.99 or the Nikemercial, I will show you a closely related “idea” to my product and then show you a logo, yes I am that cool.

I would place most related adds with the infomercial category, except that they are a special kind… why are people so happy that they have herpes?

I really want to have a point, but I am just tired… most people are lucky, they do not get to see the horrible advertisement in Spanish TV in America. I swear that most people think that every single Spanish person is a pervert that watches soap operas all day… that is truly how they advertise. At least some of them actually attempt to make original content for their commercials, the more insulting ones are the ones that are just voiced over.

The invention of the DVR has changed the way I watch TV, since I just ignore commercials for the most part, but when I have to watch live TV, it is almost torture. When are advertisers going to get a clue as to how to sell us something. I guess at this point we have been so trained by them that they don`t even have to try.

So what are some of the commercials that annoy you the most?

2 comments on “Advertisement

  1. You should see the commercials on local TV stations in central Quebec. They make me want to cry. Always some kind of trampy looking girl announcing some totally useless product. And that voice… That totally annoying voice, high pitch. I have to say they are the worst for me

  2. That new Gap commercial where the woman is singing “anything you can wear, I can wear better” in that high-pitched screechy voice. I scramble for the volume button everytime it comes on.

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