Change your password Monday

Lets be honest, most people do not change their passwords very often. While I keep some of mine fresh, like my email addresses ones, there are many that unless something like going to a phishing page happens they do not change their passwords. I am making this a blog PSA and saying change your passwords today! All of them… if you must have one that you remember, mix it up with a word… so password4mail or password4amazon of course making password the new one you are going to use… be creative, if you need ideas use the guide I wrote… but change your passwords. (also don`t forget to backup).

7 comments on “Change your password Monday

  1. Are you feeling paranoid or what? I was just going to get into your e-mail account and start sending hate mail to people. Now you’re taking all the fun away! LOL

    Good reminder. I should do that.

  2. My memory is bad enough. Thinking up new passwords is not part of my to do list.

  3. I agree with you on this. Most people never change the password and make it too easy to guess. They think they are safe, when in reality they are not. It is too easy for someone to gain access to all their accounts if they just know a little about the person. YOu also might care to mention that it is much safer to choose a password of at least 12 letters numbers and symbols. Lenght of passwor dis important as well as not using real words. Hackers can do what they call throwing the dictionary at it with a cracker and real words will go down quick. Supposing you like the K State Jayhawks and so you choose jayhawks for a password. An easy way to modify that would be to write the password like this J@yH@wK$ using the at symbol for the a and the dollar sign for the s. Now it is easy to remember and harder for a cracker to guess.

    Also I just read in PC magazine that 95% of all computers have spyware in them. Computer security is a topic not a lot of people understand. If all those infected computers have spyware already then through a trojan it would be easy to send them a keylogger as well, noting all their strokes and gaining access to their accounts. Most people have a virus scan, and don’t even have the settings set. I removed 457 viruses, trojans and worms from a friends computer. She says, “But I had a virus scan, and a firewall, and spyware remover.” I say, “Yes and it did you absolutely no good.” She wanted to know why. Well, like 99% of the people out there, she thought having these programs was good enough, and that they would automatically protect her. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. You first have to set all the settings, and tell the program how to operate. It reminds me of an electric fence. You buy the fence to protect the cattle, but you forget to set the settings on the equipment. The fence comes on, probably on partially, and the cattle escape through an unprotected section.

    It does no good to have all these software programs if you don’t know how to use them.

    Good article John. You might want to dig into this topic farther and maybe it would help a few people who do not know anything at all about IT security.

    Oh and by the way you have been tagged, infected with a meme virus called taggeritis. Click my name for details.

  4. I use a program called Pass2Go which is on a usb flash memory thingie. I only have to have one password to access all my info and that password is an extremely convoluted creation. Also, when the flash memory stick is removed the program doesn’t leave a trace of it’s existence on the PC.

    Security is so important. We must all be vigilant in protecting our “stuff”.

    Thanks for the nudge. ((((logtar))))

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